Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making progress

Our new front door.  Solid mahogany.  Beautiful glass detail. 
And you would NOT believe the deal we got on it! 
Lesson learned.  ALWAYS ask if anyone may have special-ordered anything and decided not to take delivery on it.  If we hadn't asked, no one would have shown us this door.

I love this door!

The only thing is...I'm not entirely sure it's going to look alright on a red house.  I really wanted the  house to be red. Like barn red.  I may have to choose another color now, because the little stained-glass bits in this door probably won't go with red.  Ugh. six. 
 The guys came and nailed together the floor joist system, and screwed it into the huge bolts that were cemented into the foundation blocks. 

For some reason, the house looks way bigger than it did with just the outline of blocks.  Standing inside the blocks a couple of days ago, I had this sense of panic!  Oh no!  We've made a huge mistake!  This house is going to be incredibly tiny and where in the world will we put everyone?  We'll have to get rid of all our stuff!  Keep the teenagers in a tent in the back yard!

It seems much more normal-sized with the boards down.  When you stand up on the edge of the joists, and look out over the "floor" you can get an idea of room sizes and all.  

The picture below is taken from the same vantage point that I try to shoot from at every step.  That way, you can see it as it goes up. 

As the house goes up, life goes on and school continues.  For the past couple of weeks, the Beginning Biology class has been dissecting creatures.  They started with earthworms and moved on to crayfish.  This Wednesday they dissected perch.
Nothing like getting your hands on a smelly dead fish right after lunch!

Zach and his lab partners snipping off pieces of their perch. 
(Just in case you're  Homeschoolers do not dress in mid-19th century clothing to come to co-op each week.  They only dress this way when they have mandatory character assignments for the upcoming play.  And if you think it isn't difficult cutting into a nasty animal while wearing a lacy blouse and floor-length skirt, just ask McKenzie.)

Here's Ryan & his group.  They had the best fish.  It was all nice & drippy.

In fact, their fish was so good, all the other groups came to inspect it. They were able to locate the air bladder, the liver, heart, and gills.  They couldn't get to the brain.  Oh, they certainly tried, but they ran out of time and had to move on to the next class. 

An excellent view of the "window" they created in the side of their poor fish.  You can see the innards and the gills.  Aren't you glad you stopped by today?!  

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