Friday, March 2, 2012

Laying it on the line

OK, so please be praying for Darling Daughter as she and some of her college buddies fly to Madrid tomorrow.  They'll be traveling in some serious weather. This is her first time on an airplane (that she can remember...she did fly at three months old but that doesn't count, does it??) and her first time out of the country.  She doesn't seem nervous at all, but her mama sort of is!  The group will be ministering by doing community service and having a block party near the home of their sponsor, inviting locals to join in food, fun, and a soccer tournament, and just showing kindness and love to others.  Also, they've been asked if they would be willing to share their testimony or experiences as Christians, and I don't know much about Spain, but it sure seems like much of the world (including America) is hostile towards anyone sharing the love of Jesus these days, so pray for their safety, please. 

About half of the masonry was done today, and a few dead trees were knocked down.  Since the weather is supposed to turn bad overnight, the guys may or may not finish up the blocks tomorrow.  If they do, the framers will be here first thing Monday morning to get busy!

This will be the back porch.  It doesn't look like it here, but it's fourteen feet wide and twelve feet across.  The sun sets over the back of the property, so we can sit out here and relax in the evenings and enjoy the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.  Ahh....

The front of the house.  There will be a porch here, too.

I walked the land tonight and picked the perfect spot for a bench and some flowers (the kind the deer won't eat) and maybe a hammock to swing in and read!