Sunday, March 4, 2012

And they're off!

Darling Daughter and friends left yesterday afternoon for their week in Spain.  She called from D.C. and let me know that the flight was a little bumpy, but everything went well and the pilot was "so CUTE!" 

They landed in Madrid around 3:30 am our time, so I imagine they'll be crashing somewhere for a few hours at least.  If you're interested in following their trip, you can go to this link to the team's blog.  That's the best way to keep up with them, since I'm not sure we'll be hearing directly from our girl until she lands back in the States next week. 

As for the house, with all the bad weather, there hasn't been much done this weekend.  Things will pick back up on Monday. 

 If you were affected by those terrible storms, our hearts go out to you and our prayers are with you. 

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