Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pouring concrete. (Day 2)

The big old cement mixing truck arived today.  And the boys and I totally missed it!  We had homeschool co-op, and learning about force and velocity, dissecting creatures, and practicing for the drama play next month are just a tiny bit more important, so we couldn't hang around watching a bunch of guys pour concrete into holes in the ground.  Luckily the hubby videotaped it so we could watch it later.  We're easily impressed by things like that.

Before the poured the cement, the bug man came out and sprayed all over the place so that termites can't (won't?) get up under the foundation.  We missed that, too. 

While the foundation guys were busy with the concrete, my multi-talented man tapped into the water line for a temporary spigot.  We have water!  Water and a port-o-potty!  And...

A front porch!

OK, so it's only the footing for what will be the front porch. 
But we're getting there!

No updates tomorrow since it's supposed ro rain.  The men will be back Friday to lay the block for the crawl space foundation and I'll take some more pictures then!

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