Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dream On

OK, the adorable baby pictured here has nothing to do with this post.  Clayton's just so darn cute, I thought he could help me tell you what's up!

If you've read here at all before, you may (or may not, it's been a while) remember that we bought land last year.  Twenty acres, actually.  We bought it in hopes that we could build on it and enjoy the peaceful serenity of living smack in the middle of the woods. Wind whispering through the trees.  Stars glistening overhead without competition from the bright lights of our neighborhood.  Heaven.

Alright, well, maybe it won't exactly be peaceful serenity.  After all, we do still have four offspring.  And a nephew that we keep on a daily basis.  Not to mention Lucy the Demon Chiweenie, various hawks, woodpeckers, foxes, deer, raccoons, possums, numerous squirrels, and probably more snakes than I want to think about.  But this has been a dream for years and in fact, it's going to be the name of our new place: 

Dream On

Yes, I know it's an Aerosmith song.  One of my favorites. I've been trying to coach my twins to hit that high Steven Tyler note at the end for years.  It's also written on my daughter's bedroom wall to remind her to keep reaching for her dreams.  OK, and it's also a sarcastic expression used when you know something's just not gonna happen.  But this?  This IS going to happen, and it's going to be a dream come true. 

The permits have been issued.  Plans have been approved. The foundation for the house will be laid this week!  I thought I would share the progress of our build so you can see the transformation from "empty, bare spot where someone's trailer once sat" into "The Source Family's New Digs!" 

In the morning, we're headed out to make the final decision on which way we want the house to face.  I'll take pictures of the site and the new gate and the MAILBOX!!  And then, you can come along on the journey as we get this thing off the ground and move in!  You can watch the house go up, and watch me select charming and fabulous decor.  (Ha!  I'm SO not a decorator, as evidenced by the fact that my bedroom walls are all but bare after 13 years on this house.  Well, except for that Star Wars poster.  Who doesn't want Yoda watching over them as they sleep??)  Hopefully we'll be in the house by mid-summer.  Know anybody who wants a five bedroom house in Carolina?  Cause we'll have one for sale very soon! 

And now, I'll leave you with one more handsome, adorable baby photo for now:

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