Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can you dig it, baby? (Day 1)

Cause these guys sure can!

House building is underway!  Or, well, scraping out a place to PUT a house is underway. The men arrived with the tractor (backhoe? front loader?  super-dooper dirt scooper?)  and started leveling for the foundation of the house this morning.  The boys and I wanted to drive straight over there, pull up a concrete block, plop our butts down, and watch all day long but...

School, you know?

And napping baby.

So yeah, the hubby and his dad went out to supervise the digging (read that: talk and spit chewing tobacco on the ground)  and I will take the boys out around lunch time.  The Little Boss Man has already given his approval on the most important issues such as house location and such...

He picked a place for a tire swing and marked out an area for his four-wheeler track.  The big guys have staked out the trees they want to build their zip line and man-cave in.  They have big ideas for airsoft wars and games of "capture the flag" with their friends.  Can't wait. 

The Supervisory Crew of menfolk:

Big and Little Boss Men having a conference:

Digging & leveling:

Marking it up:

The "trenches" and holes are dug for the footers. 

And that's as far as I got before the Little Boss Man requested to come home and be rocked to sleep for a  nap. Tomorrow I'll update!


a Tonggu Momma said...

That's awesome!!! When is the expected move in date?

The Source said...

This summer. Hoping for late June, but since we'll be doing a lot of the work ourselves...possibly late July. Or December. Or three years from now. Who knows. but we're shooting for late June.