Friday, December 16, 2011


Today we met with an architect and discussed ideas for our new home!  He's coming out to the property after Christmas to get a better grasp of what our site looks like, but it seems like he's right-on with what we want.  He should have some preliminary sketches for us to look at soon. 

NOW it finally feels like we're moving ahead.  There's a light at the end of the tunnel!  We may actually be living on our land soon instead of just visiting it! 

I'm so excited!!  This house...the one that we've been living in's been a wonderful house.  But.  It was built in 1974.  There are good things and bad things about houses that were built in 1974.

 Good things:  large bedrooms, big sunny, eat-in kitchen, all bedrooms at the opposite end of the house from the "living" spaces so teenagers can stay up all night making noise without bothering parents.

 Bad things:  teeny, tiny bathrooms.  I mean microscopic, one normal-sized person could just about sit on the toilet and brush their teeth at the sink while soaking their feet in the tub...that kind of bathrooms.  That small.  Three of them. 

And I'm a little anxious.  Because I really, really, really want a great big, old-fashioned, claw-footed, deep bathtub that isn't harvest gold in my new bathroom. But my hubby?  He wants a giant shower we'll have to run around in to get wet.  Preferably with multiple shower heads blasting water at us from every angle, and one that rains on our heads. Who wants to clean a shower the size of a garage?

And I'm somewhat apprehensive.  We will definitely be downsizing at first.  From five bedrooms to three.  Which is fine since chances are we won't have all four kids living with us forever.  But what the heck are we going to do with all this STUFF??

And I'm also just a bit sad...because that means this is probably our last Christmas in this house.  Our kids have grown up here.  It's been a good house.  I can't picture someone else living in it.  Some other kids sleeping in the bedrooms.  Some other rotten dog barking in the  back yard. 

That will be weird! 

OK, I'm off to take pictures of this house so we'll always remember what it was like our last Christmas here....

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