Friday, September 2, 2011

She's baaaack!

We picked up The College Girl this afternoon!

And ok, my mind is officially mush.  My ears are officially ringing.  My brain hurts.  I don't think she stopped talking long enough to take two breaths all the way home.  But it is SO GOOD to hear her voice and have her with us, and so nice to hear about her experiences, new friends, roomies, classes, basically, her NEW LIFE (insert bawling here) that we wouldn't mind if she talks 90 mph all weekend.

Her daddy and I had a little contest going on the way up this morning.  I just knew that my Darling Daughter would come to me for the first hug.  And of course Daddy knew his little girl would go straight to him.  (Yeah right.)  I warned him that he was going to get his feelings hurt.  I mean, Daddy's cool and all, but I'M her MAMA!  Puhleez. 

I also laid down the law and told him he had better not be motioning, pointing, begging, dangling her favorite food, promising a shopping spree or waving money at her to get her to go to him over me.

And no calling out his nickname for her.  We were only allowed to get out of the car and yell, "HEATHER!!"  (Kind of like when Little Orphan Annie had to call Sandy in front of the dog catcher, huh?)

What I didn't tell him was that I'd already texted her and told her to come to my side of the car first! 

Why yes, I am sneaky like that.

But she totally would have picked me anyway.

You know what else?

Her twins couldn't stop smiling to have their sister back. 
Ryan hugged her about three million times on the drive home. 
We're hoping that we'll get a chance to see her again at some point this weekend.  She's made plans with all her friends and headed out the door an hour after we arrived back. 

She seems to have gotten shorter over the last three weeks.  Or it could be my imagination.  She's seems thinner, too, but that could be theCheerios.  She's pretty much existed on Honey Nut Cheerios for three weeks because she doesn't like the food up there. 

She's a little calmer, a little more mature, a little more self-sufficient.  She just seems to be so much more grown-up and young woman-ish than she did a few weeks ago. 


Yeah, maybe not.

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