Thursday, September 1, 2011

The "Replacement"

Darling Daughter has left us and gone away to college, leaving a gaping, empty hole in her poor mother's heart.  Not to mention there's no longer anyone to watch Dance Moms with me on Wednesday nights, no one willing to accompany me on walks around the neighborhood, and no one to swipe my stuff and make off with it.

I get lonely without someone to make snarky comments to during my favorite shows, you know what I mean?  It just isn't the same watching Toddlers & Tiaras if there's no one beside you, squealing and howling with laughter at the hideous hair and bunny teeth.

Clearly, there was a spot in this household that needed filling.

So when my cousin mentioned on facebook that they'd found a small abandoned doggie that needed a home...well...we just couldn't say no.

OK, so my husband could easily have said no.  As a matter of fact, he DID say no.  Quite loudly.  And he's said it quite often in the past few weeks, too.  But this beautiful blond baby needed a family.  My cousin had tried to find his original owner for weeks.  They canvased the neighborhood with him, asked around, posted the pup on facebook, contacted the SPCA and local vets, but no one came forward.  And since he showed up early one morning before daylight, whimpering at the garage door, covered in burrs, scratches, filth, and extremely hungry AND he was just a tiny baby, perhaps 8-9 weeks old at the time, AND well...look at these delighted faces:

Koda has lived with us for a few weeks now.
He's had his first round of puppy shots and a clean bill of health from the vet, whose best guess is that he's probably around 12 weeks old now. 

She says he seems to be a yellow lab.  (Well, duh, we figured that out ourselves.)  He still has all his baby teeth.  He also has a precious personality and he's really smart!
For example, he has already located every air conditioning vent in the house. 
Those are his preferred napping spots.

He knows which toys belong to him, and how to look pitiful when he grabs someone else's toy for a quick nibble...such as Daddy's remote control, work boots, or laptop cord.

Lucy doesn't like Koda much right now, so Koda prefers to spend his time wherever his new family is hanging out.  He enjoys napping at the kitchen desk while Ryan does his Biology work.  
(Another AC vent is right behind his fuzzy butt.)

He walks well on his leash and likes to go for trips around the neighborhood in the morning and evening.  He even motivated Ryan to go for walks with us!  It's never boring with Koda along.  There's always something needing to be sniffed or chewed.

He's good about watching my shows with me...he hates spray tans and big hair on two year olds almost as much as me.

He's learned several cool new tricks since his arrival, too!  Like I said, he's very intelligent.  Also, he's willing to do just about anything for a treat!  So far he knows: Sit, Lie down, Shake (with both paws, no less!), Stand up, Go to your place, Come, and he's working on Roll over.  He makes it onto his back and about two thirds of the way over before he stops and looks confused.  But hey, we've only had him for a few weeks.  (On the other hand, we've had Lucy for almost for years and she still only knows Sit, Shake, Down and Roll over. In that order.  Specifically.  In.  That.  Order.  If you ask her to roll over before you ask her to shake, she's hopelessly lost.  Poor thing.)  I'm hoping Koda will be able to learn to vacuum and change the sheets on my bed once a week, but I know it'll take some time. 

Did I tell you how much he loves to ride?  He hasn't ever peed in our vehicles.  Or pooped.  Or puked in them either!  (Guess who does that EVERY time she goes for a ride.  I won't say her name here and cause her embarrassment, but I think you know.)

Another plus is that Koda isn't gun-shy.  He's already been "hunting" and hasn't so much as flinched.  He's pretty much housetrained, goes to sleep in our bathroom at 9:00pm every night and sleeps through till about 6 without a mess or an accident. 

Now, if he could just learn not to bite our toes and chew on our knees, we'd be completely thrilled!

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Hezra said...

hmm... not bad. I am amazed. The last dog we had(recently given away) Elijah says used her entire brain compacity to learn 'sit." I am pretty sure he is right. She would watch the kids swing. While standing in front of them. Even though she got hit repeatedly. I said, Oh that is what is wrong with our dog. Olivia(8 at the time) said, "nope mom, she was stupid before I hit her" Glad to know you got a smart one! He is adorable. ALMOST makes me want a puppy. Then I remember poop.