Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alpha Dog?

Lucy & Koda don't get along so well yet.  I'm hoping that will improve over time, after all it's only been about three and a half weeks and relationships take time, right?  Eventually, Lucy will welcome the big baby into the pack and he'll stop try to use her as a chew toy.  They're just trying to determine the pecking order or something...that's why they snarl at each other all the time.


Lucy may run into the doggie door and hide from Koda for hours at a time (which leaves poor Koda quite puzzled and causes him to sit very still, staring at the doggie door, whining and cocking his head back & forth as he tries to comprehend the magic portal that transports his friend to places unknown) but she doesn't run away when it's dinner time!  In fact, Lucy has taken control of the bowls and she won't let the puppy eat until she's had her fill. 


It's hilarious to watch a delicate, ten pound Chiweenie sneer and growl her way to the dish, scaring the twenty-five pound goober of a Lab out of his puppy chow.  I'm not sure she realizes that he'll soon be large enough to pick her up and hurl her over the fence. 

Koda knows that she'll go away once she's had her fill, so he'll lie patiently for a bit.  But occasionally it's just too hard to wait much longer and he tries to inch his way, ever-so-carefully, toward the food...

"If I keep it Low & Slow, maybe she won't notice me 'til I've stolen a bite!"

Almost there....

Ooops...she snapped at him again.  Duck & cover!  Poor Koda.

"Maybe if I sneak around from the other side..."

"I'll just ease my way on over..."

"And try a loud WHOOF!"

"Yep...she tucked that tail and ran to the magic portal!"

"Who's the big dog now??  Huh?"

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