Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet, Snoozing, Snuggly Sleepyhead

Passed-out, precious, pint-sized pooh-bear.

Contented, college-bound cousin cuddling charming cherub.

Delightful, delicate, diminutive dozing dumpling.

Lovable, lazing little lamb.

Tired, tiny, tender treasure.

Adult son  in awe of adorable, armful of angel.  

We all enjoyed our afternoon spoiling the newest addition, little Clayton, while his mama caught up on some much-needed rest.  The twins had never been around a baby this small and were absolutely enthralled! 
Todd?  A bit nervous at first, but then admiring his teeny toes and fingernails.  He was happy to hold his small cousin until he uh...he did what babies do shortly after they've eaten a few ounces. 
Heather?  A natural.  She had that diaper changed and the baby wrapped up like a burrito, rocking and cooing at him before I could blink.
And then...well...we had to give him back.  Mommy missed her little fella.
But next time she's running on empty, we're right around the corner, and baby snuggles?
They're welcome any time!

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