Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love Never Fails

Meet Jack:

Jack is a farmer and a widower with one daughter. 
Jack is down on his luck because it's 1932...the Great Depression has hit, and Jack's farm isn't doing so well.
Dust Bowl, you know.

Jack tends to nip at the corn liquor too much.
He keeps a tight reign on his young daughter, Mattie.
He loses his temper a lot.
Jack will soon be accused of breaking into the town store and stealing a pair of shoes.
Poor Jack.
Poor Mattie.

Meet Calvin:

Calvin was a wealthy businessman until the stock market crashed.
He has a snooty wife (Victoria) and a stuck-up daughter (Penelope).
He doesn't have much money these days, but he is easily persuaded to do without his lemonade so that the ladies in his life can have lovely new dresses for the town 4th of July picnic.
Underneath that proper manner, he's got a kind heart, that Calvin.

Penelope isn't very nice to the other girls in town...especially Mattie.
She points out that although Mattie has recently become a Christian, finding religion doesn't raise her station in life.  Mattie's still just the poor, shoeless daughter of a drunk.

This is the dress-rehearsal for the big town picnic. 
You may notice that the blue checkered table cloth is missing. 
That's how I know it's just the dress rehearsal.

Mrs. Whitney, the wife of the owner of the General Store, sits with the town children at the picnic.
It may seem like they're just enjoying a game of jacks...but they're not!

Actually, they're keeping an eye on these two dear old sisters who are plotting to "borrow" the recipe for Mrs. Whitney's prize-winning apple pie!  They're tired of Mrs. Whitney winning the blue ribbon every year. 

Eventually, the sisters sneak off with Mrs. Whitney's PIE and try to recreate her recipe. 
But once they taste it, they determine that they don't really like it much any way!
All that work for nothing!

Ol' Jack stopped in at Whitney's store for some supplies one day.
He met Ed, the town banker's grandson.
Jack wasn't too impressed with Ed.
Jack didn't think too much of wasting time in college when a man could be earning his living tilling up the land.
Jack didn't take to kindly to his daughter Mattie falling in love with fancy, high-falutin'  Mr. Ed.
In fact, he downright forbid her to go to the 4th of July picnic with Ed.
Poor Mattie!
Mean ol' Jack!

As you will learn, though, Jack is a pretty good judge of character.
And he does love his daughter, even though he doesn't show it well.

Please take note of that slimy-looking mustache on Ed's face.
Makes him look sneaky, doesn't it?

Little does Jack know, Mattie's in love with Ed.
She thinks he's dreamy.
She sings about him.
She gets butterflies in her stomach every time she sees him.

Unfortunately, Penelope ends up getting a date with Ed to the picnic.
Since Mattie wasn't allowed to go.
And you know, since Mattie's poor and shoeless and all.

Mrs. Whitney sympathized with Mattie's aching heart.
She told Mattie to keep doing what was right...listen to her father even though she may not agree.
Be kind and don't hold any bitterness toward Penelope.

Uh oh!  Jack showed up at Whitney's store past closing time one evening!
He'd been swigging from that liquor bottle again, and he was in a bad mood.
Also, he was wearing brand new shoes!

Now where would Jack get the money for brand new shoes??
Everybody knows he won't even buy his daughter an old pair of shoes!
Jack spends all his money on whiskey.

After stumbling around and yelling at Mrs. Whitney about minding her own business, Jack leaves.

The next day, most of the town is convinced that Jack is the one who's been breaking into stores.
Well, it certainly seems that way.

Only Mr. & Mrs. Whitney stick up for ol' Jack.
After all, everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. 
He may be an alcoholic, but he's never been a thief!

And guess what?

Turns out, they were right!
Jack didn't steal from the townsfolk.

ED, the banker's GRANDSON did!!

Shocking, I know!!

Because his daughter was loving and respectful even when he wasn't an ideal dad...and because Mr. & Mrs. Whitney were loyal friends, never turning their backs on him in his time of need, ol' Jack apologized for his unsavory behavior and turned away from the bottle.  In the end, Mr. Whitney prayed with Jack and Jack turned over a new leaf, accepting Jesus as his Savior.

The town was elated!

And Ed?  Ed went to jail.
Penelope didn't have a date to the picnic after all.  She decided to skip the festivities and sulk at home instead.  But Mattie went and found her and asked her to come anyway. 
 Sweet Mattie.  Always doing the right thing.

Everyone showed up at the picnic and had a wonderful time!
Because Love Never Fails.
(That's the name of the play...)

The End.

Our homeschool co-op's drama class presented their end-of-year musical last Saturday night.
The cast did an amazing job.
Their directors were so patient!
It ain't easy getting a group of teenagers to put aside their anxieties and get up on stage to sing & dance & act & forget about the audience or what people might think of them!
Congratulations kids!

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