Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Future Farmers...we need a name!

As of earlier this week, this:

is the entrance gate to our new dirt road...or well, I guess just really, really long driveway will do.

And this:

is the new yard.  Or part of it, anyway.  It's going to be a really big yard.

And this:

is the stall where a horse or a donkey or a teenager could possibly go.

And this:

is where a possible tree house/fort/or something could go.  Or maybe a nice park bench underneath?

And this:

is part of the new back yard.

Because we just bought right at 20 acres and as soon as we pitch a tent, sell our house, gather up our worldly belongings and haul them over...we'll be moving!

We may have to drag the Oldest with us kicking and screaming, but we're moving.  He's somewhat unhappy about it, but we're moving.  He never wants to leave his bedroom, never wants to drive down a different street to come home, never wants to leave his friends, never wants things to change, but...we're moving.  May have to ask the new owners if they'd mind renting him the man cave out back for a while.  Being a creature of extreme habit, he's just slightly less than thrilled about all of it.  But he'll live.  I mean, he is twenty-one years old.  It's not like we're making him change schools.  Plus, you know, he has two trucks...he could just drive ten minutes and see his buddies.  Or come stare at the house. 

Or, I don't know, find an apartment or something. 

Just kidding, son.  You never have to leave your family. 

The rest of us? 

Well, the hubby is on cloud nine making plans.  Plus, he'll be much closer to work, so if gas continues to rise he can just walk.  (Not.)  The twins are excitedly contemplating the necessity of a four wheeler, a zip line through the trees, tents in the woods, and hours of target practice or exploring.  Darling Daughter?  Well, she won't be around much anyway, so she doesn't care one way or another.  As long as she has a place to lay her curly head when she does come home, she's happy.  Lucy will love the room to long as she stays away from the slobbering, snarling Rottweiler on the neighbor's land.

And me?  Well, believe it or not, I'm planning on getting some chickens.  That's right.  There's a chicken coop already on the property and I want to raise some egg-laying, bug-eating fowl.  I've got a fourteen year old chicken expert on retainer. She's promised to help me through the learning process. 

I'll keep you posted as we make progress toward moving.  But for now...we need a name for our new place.

Got any ideas??

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