Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Olympics

If you've never been to a Special Olympics in your area, let me show you what you're missing:

 Making new friends.

Marching in the opening parade.

Remember Seth?   He had spinal surgery about a year and a half ago...
This is Seth participating in the football throw. Look at how straight he's standing!

This is Blake, a sweet friend from church, and his buddy
(Darling Daughter's friend the VWANCS.)

 Running the obstacle course together.

Blake burning up the track, leaving the others in his dust!

Her new friend from swim team.

Blue ribbon Blake and the sheriff.


Hezra said...

awwwww AWESOME! I love the special olympics and helping out with it. I have pics of me helping when I was in hs too. I got to carry my lil buddy through the races too. So fun and rewarding when you get the hugs. I gave out plenty but the one I got back were priceless.

AZ Chapman said...

special olympics are fun does your son do it as well