Monday, April 11, 2011

Marvelous, Magnificent Monday Morning!

The Source Family observed Spring Break last week, since Darling Daughter's high school was on break and the dreaded, traffic-snarling, restaurant-clogging Golf Tournament of nightmares was in town.  We didn't go out of town or do anything extra special, (unless you count middle-of-the-night runs to Krispy Kreme for hot doughnuts).  We didn't go anywhere especially warm and sunny (unless you count the front yard).  We didn't have any stunning experiences (unless you count the buckets of blood we cleaned from my mom's bathroom floor...courtesy of a tournament guest who apparently burst an artery while staying in her house...that was pretty stunning). 

We just thoroughly enjoyed being together and doing a whole lot of nothing.  Even though we didn't go on a fabulous vacation, though, a week off sure left us less than enthusiastic about returning to school work and finishing up our year.  We were dragging this morning. 

The mail carrier came early, though, and left a lovely brown box on my doorstep.  When I sent Thing One out to check the mailbox he came in with the box, grinning.  (We love packages around here.  We get excited over little stuff, you know.)  He wanted to know if I'd won the little lamp I was bidding for on eBay, but no.  I wasn't expecting anything at all.  I thought...maybe Hubby had ordered another cooking contraption or the Oldest had ordered another blinding, blinking light for his truck. 

But no.

The box was for ME! 

It had my name on it!  Me, me, me, me, me, ME!  (Sing that like the Conga song.)  I hadn't even ordered anything.  I did a happy dance and quoted Elle Woods from Legally Blond when she finds her name on the list of interns for the law firm.

I yelled "ME!" 

I told you, we get excited over little things...

I didn't recognize the return address, either, but since both my parents AND my mom-in-law had been out of town for over a week, I thought maybe they had sent us something.  You never can tell. 

Anyway...I didn't open the box right away.  I wanted to prolong the suspense.  Because when am I going to get another suspicious, surprise, unexpected package again?  I mean, it's been 40 years so far and this is pretty much the first one.  I may not live long enough to see the next one...just sayin'.

Besides, we had school to do. 

And also I like to torture my boys.  They were half crazed with curiosity.

Ok, so was I. 

I didn't make them wait long. 

After lunch, I grabbed some scissors and slowly slit the packing tape...

And I peeled back the edges of the box...

Then I carefully pulled away the layers of bubble wrap...

And gasped!! 

Really??  For me!??!! 

Just for ME!!  ALL FOR ME?? 

Tomorrow, I'll show you what was in the box. 

And then, I'll share it with you!

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