Monday, April 4, 2011

In Honor of DWTS tonight...

And the fact that Ralph Macchio appearing on DWTS actually made me think, "Hey!  I should totally make the twins read The Outsiders and then write a paper on it...

I dragged (drug?) out the junior high scrapbook and scanned a few pages of Teenaged-Dream straight from the yellowed pages of Tiger Beat magazine, 1983. 


My twelve year old heart used to skip a few beats at the sight of those brown eyes.
What is UP with that scarf, though??  The wardrobe people couldn't do any better than that?

I don't remember him being quite so bony.  
Or having so much hair.

I do, however, recall thinking that he needed some braces on his teeth.
Not that they interfered with his smile at all.

He's SO going to win Dancing With the Stars!  
Unless Kirstie Alley does.  
But she better not.  

Who was your favorite crush when you were a kid? 
Cause I have pictures of Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, & C. Thomas Howell, too.
Poor Patrick.
Whatever happened to Ponyboy, by the way??


The Momster said...

I loved Ralph - I would watch anything that he was in - including that horrible Up The Academy movie!

I can remember also thinking the guy who played Michael in the second Grease (or Grease 2) movie was really cute. He had gorgeous eyes. Then I saw him recently in a Lifetime movie and he was just creepy!

And Rick Springfield. Major hotness factor there. :)

Hezra said...

um, we had all the same crushes. drats. and yeah... loved Ponyboy. sigh, but Matt Dillon in Levis and plaid shirt= breathtaking.