Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Because we only have ONE of our four children at home to wake up with us on Easter morning this year...which means that I won't be getting any gorgeous Easter morning pictures of my sweet family.

And because the Teenager Formerly Known as Pip Squeak thinks he's doomed to be short all his life and doesn't think he's grown any in the last few years...

I dug up an old photograph from three Easters ago.

May I present, our 14 year old Darling Daughter and the 10 year old twins of terror. 

March 2008

The twin in horizontal stripes is now 5'5" and clomps around with feet the size of his dad's. 
The tiny fellow in glasses is just about an inch shorter than his older sister and has the voice of a man.

Pip...I don't know what we should call you now, but Pip Squeak just doesn't fit right anymore.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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