Friday, April 15, 2011

Fantastic First Grade Alliteration Attempts

Darling Daughter has been observing and assisting in a first grade classroom for weeks now as a part of her Teacher Cadet program.  Do I need to mention that she's fallen head-over-heels for all of those little ones?  She loves working with children. 
Probably because she's a big kid herself. 

Anyway, this was the week that she had to design and present her first lesson plan, complete with identified state standards and goals...and with her own teacher and the first grade teacher evaluating her as she took complete control of the class. 

For about 30 minutes.

The lesson she designed was on alliteration.  The children needed to learn about alliteration so that they could include some examples of it in the "research papers" they'll be working on.  I was not aware that first graders did research papers.  Apparently I'm seriously behind the times. 
She brought home the papers (I think she'll keep them as part of her portfolio or something) and I had to share them with y'all because they did an amazing job.  These papers are priceless.
 And who couldn't use some adorableness on a Friday afternoon?
I will even translate for you, too.  You're welcome!

 Kaidyn's kitten kicked a kid.
(Notice it also says "I love Heather!" and the kitten is literally saying, "I'm going to kick you."  Hilarious!)

 McKenna's mighty monkey made magnificent music.
(I'm not sure why McKenna's face is green??)

 Rambunctious Ricky ran a race in the rain.
(He put arrows to show the direction of the track.)

 Harrison's hair is HOT!
( I wondered about Harrison and his hot he trying to pick up little girls already with his cool 'do?  Thankfully, no, he had just returned from recess. )

 Everett's pet elephant laid an Easter egg.
(Love the elephant's nose...and the brightly colored egg he's pooping out...)

 Likable Lauren licked a little lemon lollipop.
(They circle the words they don't know how to spell and the teacher either has the kids look them up or she spells the word correctly for them later.  I found it interesting that Likable Lauren's lemon lollipop is black...??  I wasn't expecting that!)

 Gabriela got a good girl goat.
(Which is way better than a bad boy goat.)

Samantha said, "I see snowflakes."
(Samantha spelled everything right...except her name.  She has very nice handwriting, don't you think?)

It wouldn't do for me to teach a room full of kids. 
 I would never be able to throw anything away and pretty soon I'd be drowning in cute little papers!


Hezra said...

This totally cracked me up. Thanks for sharing!

~meredith~ said...

That is cute.