Monday, March 28, 2011


I was informed by one of the boys last night, " really need to update your blog!" so I thought I'd share what we've been up to lately.
Here's photographic evidence that I'm just not cut out for the whole "baby" thing.  I don't like tiny people much at all.  Unless they're mine.  Really.  I'm not the one you want to approach to keep the nursery at church.  I protest.  A LOT. And I don't babysit other people's infants, either.  Just ask my sister. Been there.  Done that.  Over it.
I have no use for small ones until they can walk, talk, and make their own breakfast. 

These are a couple of the munchkins I help care for during the first hour of homeschool co-op each week. 
(And no, they're not really twins. They're both about 9-10 months old.)

Ok, so maybe grandbabies would be sort of fun.  One day.  In the future.  Very far in the distant future. 

I'm still not sure exactly how I got roped into the birth-to-one-year nursery this school year in the first place.  I will be the first to admit that I went kicking and screaming.  I would much rather have hung out with the high schoolers.  It's just that someone else was already teaching Physics. 

Oh yeah, and I never took Physics, but I have changed a few diapers.

I had just about made up my mind that I would just have to suffer through nose-wiping, baby-rocking, diaper-changing duty this year when I realized...what kind of an attitude is that anyway?  I wouldn't want some woman who resented her job to be tending to MY precious ones for an hour each week. 

So I prayed about it. And then I prayed about it some more. 

Still, the babies were babies.  They missed their mamas, and they cried.  They got sleepy.  They got cranky.  They didn't want to be held.  They did want to be held.  Some days, ALL of the babies screamed for an entire hour and both of us nursery workers just did the best we could. 

We won't even mention the diapers. 

But every Wednesday, I prayed that I would enjoy the babies and they would enjoy me.  I prayed that my attitude would be changed and that I would look at this as an opportunity.  A chance to experience some little miracles growing and changing right before my eyes.

(This little character is the "big boy" in the room at about 18 months.  He's hilarious.
When he's not missing his mama terribly!)

And you know what? 

It worked. 

I actually look forward to seeing those smiling little faces.  I've loved watching them grow from lumpy, boneless three-month-olds into busy, curious, babbling , crawling nine-month olds. I've watched infants undergo transformations...from helpless and completely dependent into
thriving creatures who can find and pop their own pacifiers into their mouths, hold their own cups, pull themselves up to standing and crawl faster than I can run!
And the "big boy?"  He's changed, too.  He's not just teetering around on unsteady legs.  He's a running, climbing, laughing, giggling bundle of energy! 

And you know what? 
I'm going to miss those munchkins next year when I'm in the high school room dissecting eyeballs!

So maybe this hasn't been such a bad year, after all. 
Maybe God's taught me something through this nursery experience. 
Maybe I've learned that my plans aren't necessarily the best or only way.
 And a change in attitude is sometimes in order.  And that a new attitude goes a long way.
Maybe God knew that I could use a little sweetness, a few cuddles and some slobbery kisses.
 From someone other than my hubby, that is. 

However.  Don't get any bright ideas.  I will not be running a home daycare any time soon.  Nor will I be keeping church nursery or hiring out my sitting services. 
Once a week is quite enough.

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