Monday, March 14, 2011

My Life as a Book Title

Back in March of last year, my bloggy buddy Tonggu Mama wrote a post discussing which movie most mirrored her life in high school.  I don't remember which one she chose, but I do remember that I, naturally, borrowed the topic for myself and wrote about which movie most symbolized my own life during high school. That post would be HERE.  In order to save you the trouble of clicking through, I wrote about Ferris Bueller's Day Off, because...well...why do you think I wrote about it?  I didn't actually like sitting at a desk in a classroom so much when I was fifteen.  Or sixteen.  Or seventeen for that matter.  That's on reason I like homeschooling my own kids so much.  There's not much desk-sitting going on around here.

This morning I was thinking about what movie I'd pick to portray my life now...and the only title that stood out in my head was Dazed and Confused.  But no, that wouldn't do.  Mostly because my family and I aren't really into ingesting and inhaling all kinds of illegal substances.  But anyway...

So there I was, thinking, and just about to jump into the shower real fast before my sister came over so I could write her resume for her...when my dear, handsome husband called me over to the bedroom window. 

Like...I was already about to literally step into the shower, water running, clothes on the floor, kinda thing going on here...

"Hey gotta come here and look at this!"

"What?  Now?"

"Yeah, hurry up!" 

" it important??"

"Just come here, it won't take a second!"

OK, so it's urgent.  Maybe there's a bear eating the broccoli plants in his garden or something...I went over to the window to check it out.  And he showed me...

Dog poop. 

On the walk way.

But it was really important that I pause my shower and come out of the bathroom to observe the dog poop, because apparently it wasn't Lucy's dog poop.  There was just no way it could be her poop.  Or at least that's what my hubby informed me.  Because that poop on the walk way was too big to be Lucy's.  Clearly, some other animal (possibly another dog?)  had come into our back yard over night...and done it's business on the walk.  Some other animal that Lucy didn't bark at.  (So it must have been not only invisible but absolutely silent because Lucy barks at dust!)  Some other animal that had the ability to silently leap the four foot fence in a single bound.  (Since the walk way is just outside not just our bedroom window, but Todd's as well, and we never heard a thing.)  Some other animal that didn't have to dig under the gate, and didn't want to stay and have a bite of Lucy's leftover dinner, and then snuck right back out as quietly and as quickly as it came...just so it could poop on our walk way??

Yes, I'm seeking psychiatric help for this man. 

And that's when it hit me. 

No, not the dog poop. 

What hit me was this:  My life may not look like a movie anymore, but I'm totally married to a man from a novel!!

And I don't mean a dashing, daring, swashbuckling Scottish Laird from the 18th century, either.  Thank you very much.  Although he does have red hair like the main character in Outlander, but...what is swashbuckling anyway?

No, the man I'm talking about is the husband from Wifey by Judy Blume.  I read that book about twenty years ago and I can vividly recall thinking, "That poor woman!"  I mean who would want to be married to a man named Norman who keeps a chart recording how many times the family dog poops on his walk every day??  And I am.  Married for almost 21 years to a man who now finds it urgent to have his half-nekkid wife hang out the upstairs window to look at crap on the sidewalk! 

This is what my life has become??


Hezra said...

ok, first of all, I thought the word was "squashbuckling??" lolol but I could be wrong. I guess we will have to google. I doubt Noah Webster had that one in his books. And OH MY!! I never new about that book! I will totally have to read it. heh heh, and lucky you. You Irish sweetie sounds amazing. I am sure he has lots of other good qualities. lol Apparently very observant?? AND I was told that the work naked means "without clothes" whereas "nekkid" is a southern terms that means "without clothes and up to something. lolol Are you loving my word help today?? And yeah, I have no real literary work to back any of my theories.

Hezra said...

drats my k is sticky. lol KNEW not new.

Chelsea Gour said...

LOL! You can't make this stuff up!

The Source said...

Hezra ~ don't bother with the book. It wasn't that good. And as for "nekkid" well, all I'm saying is that we (the hubby and I) are dedicated to the practice of water conservation around here. You figure it out! ;)

Chelsea ~ I couldn't if I tired! Real life is so much more interesting than anything I could dream up.