Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Yesterday, I spoke with the admissions counselor at the university and we finalized housing and financial arrangements for the fall.  So I guess it's officially official now.  Darling Daughter will be heading upstate in August. 

I can't explain how proud her daddy and I are.  She's been a such wonderful blessing to us these seventeen years.  We've watched in awe as God carefully arranged and ordered her college plans so that they fell perfectly into place.  We know she's going to be in His care.  We know she's going to make an enthusiastic and cheerful roommate! We're confident that she'll make the right decisions and study hard and try to follow where God leads her.  We are thrilled with the young lady she's become and we're excited to watch her take the first steps toward independence and the fulfillment of her dreams.  We are SO incredibly happy for our girl. 

Yet...oh my awfully much we're going to miss her smiling face!  What will it be like without her singing, laughing, shrieking, exclaiming, rambling, incessantly babbling and bouncing off the walls here?  Who's going to make us laugh with off-the-wall comments and seriously, startlingly, dingbat remarks?  What will my twins do without their little mama hen? 

And before you ask, no, it wasn't like this when the oldest one graduated.  We knew he wasn't going anywhere.  He still hasn't.  I'm not sure if he ever will.  ;)

It's a difficult position.  We know it's time for her to go.  We want to let her go.  But we want to keep her here with us, too!  We don't want to share her with the world yet.  Even just the tiny little part of the world she's going to...

Those of you who are in a similar situation this year, I'm praying for you and I feel your pain.  Those who have small ones and won't face this for a while...cherish every moment because it'll be here before you know it. 

I don't have anything profound to say heart hurts...I'm gonna miss my baby girl so, so much. 

In the words of E.T., "Ouch!"


mendyc said...

Ok now you have me crying like a baby! :( let's tie her up and lock her in a closet so she can't leave!

Marvelous Miller Crew said...

Seriously, now I am tearing up too. I think you are an AMAZING family, but I've told you that before.