Saturday, February 5, 2011

Name That Disney Movie!

How many Disney movie quotes can you guess correctly?  And...if you know the movie...can you guess which character said it?

1.  "I despise guessing games."  Scar ~ The Lion King

2. "This is a perfect time to panic!"  Woody ~ Toy Story

3. "I create feelings in others that they themselves don't understand."  Lightning McQueen ~ Cars

4.  "Good afternoon.  We're gonna have a great jump today!"  Squirt ~ Finding Nemo

5.  "I don't know but it's been said, I love scaring kids in bed!"  Sully ~ Monsters, Inc.

6. "I'm sorry I bit you...and pulled your hair...and punched you in the face."  Lilo ~ Lilo and Stitch

7.  "Even if you hadn't grown up a savage beast, you'd be lost.  There are no trails through a woman's heart."  Clayton ~ Tarzan

8. "All right, Sparky, here's the deal.  If you wanna court the little lady, you gotta be a straight shooter."  Genie ~ Aladdin

9.   Disappeared, but it was the Emperor of China in Mulan.
10.  Also vanished, Ursula the Sea Witch The Little Mermaid.

11.  "Temper?  Temper!?  Woman, you ain't seen my temper!"    Amos Slade (the hunter)~ The Fox and The Hound

12.  "Sufferin' sassafras! My rudder's on fire! Bail out! Bail out!"  Orville (the airplane bird)~ The Rescuers

13.   "You know, I wish my parents played Mozart when I slept because half the time I don't even know what the heck anyone's talking about!"  Kari (The dingy babysitter) ~ The Incredibles

14.   "Stay back! If I stare at the lock really hard, it'll burst into flames and melt."  Bolt ~ Bolt

15.  "How can you read this?  There's no pictures!"  Gaston ~ Beauty and the Beast


a Tonggu Momma said...

1. The Lion King - Scar
2. Toy Story
5. Monsters, Inc.
9. Mulan - The Emperor
10. The Little Mermaid - Ursula the Sea Witch
15. Beauty and the Beast - Gaston

That's all I know. Harrumph.

Anonymous said...

1. Lion King
2. Toy Story
5. Monsters Inc.
7. Beauty and the Beast
9. Mulan
10. The Little Mermaid
12. Peter Pan (:
15. Beauty and the Beast.

I tried to cheat but it wouldnt work. Your blog just kept popping up on Google. (:
-Your Favorite Child.

The Source said...

Favorite (??) Child, Sorry, but number 12 is incorrect.

Teresa =) said...

Ooooo, this is way more fun that our lame little game of Five Hints. I know a few:

1. Scar (The Lion King)
2. Woody (Toy Story)
5. Sully (Monsters, Inc.)
8. Genie (Aladdin)
9. Mulan's father (Mulan)
10. Ursula the Sea Witch (The Little Mermaid)
11. Old Hunter (Fox and the Hound)

I'm actually quite embarrassed I couldn't get all 15. I'm pretty versed in Disney movies.

Oh, was still fun!

Teresa =)

The Momster said...

I'll play along.. I <3 Trivia!

1. Lion King
2. Toy Story
3. Cars
4. Finding Nemo
5. Monsters, Inc.
6. Lilo & Stitch
7. Tarzan
8. Aladdin
9. Mulan
10. The Little Mermaid
11. The Fox and The Hound
12. The Rescuers
13. The Incredibles
14. Bolt
15. Beauty and The Beast