Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The BEST 40th birthday gift...EVER!

I don't know about you, but I often wonder how I'll know when my job as a mom is complete.  I mean, I know a mom's job is never "done."  But certainly their comes a time when the "raising" part is finished. 

So, how will I know?  How will I know when I'm finally done with the molding and shaping of my children's characters?  How will I know when they've actually learned the lessons their dad and I have tried to pound into their heads all these years?  How will I know if I've been successful as a parent? 

Will I know that I've reached that point when they've graduated college?  When they've headed out into the world and made a place for themselves?  When they achieve their dreams? 

How will it feel when someone (besides me) looks at my child and sees in them all the wonderful things that I (as their mom) have always seen?  When someone else (besides me) sees in my child the potential and the determination and the drive and the heart that their daddy and I have known was there from the start?

Well, now I know. 

On my fortieth birthday, our Darling Daughter was paged overhead to report to her Principal's office immediately after class.  There, she was met by her guidance counselor and the main man himself.  Puzzled, she took the seat offered to her and waited to see what the heck was up.  Well, she knew she wasn't in trouble...but anyway...

It seems the Principal had recieved a package.  A package containing an award.  For Darling Daughter.  She has received the President's Volunteer Service Award!  The President!  Of the United States. 
As in...the WHITE HOUSE. 
That president. 

Her school received a framed letter congratulating and recognizing her (yeah, MY DAUGHTER) for her service, and they were given one to present to her on Senior awards day!  Her Principal informed her that he's never had a student win that honor before...he was so proud of her!  She was in tears!  In fact, she called home to tell me about it and she was so excited that she couldn't drive until she calmed down!

I'm sharing the letters below.  (I blocked out identifying info, I hope!) 
The first is a copy of a recommendation her teacher wrote for her. 
The next two are her letters for the award. 

I'm here to tell you, there isn't a better feeling in the world, there couldn't have been a better birthday present in the world, nothing tops this!  The knowledge that our daughter...she gets it!  She understands that life is all about.  She has a servant's heart.  She loves others.  She gives of herself every day with a smile in her heart and on her face.  She's a young lady that her daddy are proud to know and to call our own.

And I?  I know...I know that our job with her is pretty much complete. 
 She's a beautiful person through and through.  And that's what our job was all about.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! That's my wonderful granddaughter! So proud of her.