Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow...part two!

I guess I should just stop talking about how it never, ever snows down here in South Carolina.
Because this is the third time in a little less than a year!!

I won't mention how when my oldest son was born on January 11th twenty-one years ago I dressed him in a little blue bubble suit and teeny, tiny socks and THAT WAS IT...because it was 73 degrees outside!

I'm not going to tell you again that (up until 2010, at least) the last time we saw any measurable snow,
my twins were almost four years old!

There's no point reminding you that southerners don't have mad snow-driving skillz because after this year? 
We totally know what to do!

By the way, that ^^^ photo is the final resting place of the mummified chicken known as Khufu.
Ryan shoveled a hole and gave the poor thing it's last rites on New Year's Day.

I will share with you that redneck southern snowballs contain lots and lots of pine straw. 
Well, when there's only about two inches of snow on the ground, you make do...

That's me.  And my sweetie.  Please overlook the way he has his hat pulled down past his eyebrows. The girls told him that was dorky.  He didn't care.  Couldn't let his eyebrows freeze off because they haven't turned gray yet...unlike his beard!  

Yeah,that's right... I said it.  I went there.  What are you gonna do about it?? 

That's what I thought!  Turn around and keep on going!

And no school again tomorrow. 
Southern kids don't have to go to school when it snows because the buses don't have snow tires or something like that. 
Well...I made mine do their schoolwork after it got too dark for snowball fights, snow cream, snow forts, hikes in the woods, donuts in the school parking lot, sledding in the yard and slipping all over the yard.
We were enjoying ourselves way too much to do it during daylight!

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no 5th birthday tribute to my baby? whateverrrrrrrr :P