Thursday, January 27, 2011


Here is is.

Proof that our parents tortured us.
Proof that we had to invent ways to amuse ourselves.
Proof that we had no toys, evidently, and resorted to playing with brown paper grocery bags.
Proof that we were very strange little girls. 

Meet Bagley and Hagley.  (That would be me, on the left, in the Miss Piggy nightgown and my sister in the Winnie the Pooh jammies sticking her tongue out through her bag-mask.  Sigh. 

If only we'd had Barbie dolls and dream mansions.
If only we'd had a swingset or a play house.
If only we'd had some sort of creative outlet, such as a sport or music lessons.
If only we'd had friends!

If only our mother hadn't completely ruined our self esteem by putting us in child beauty pageants and teaching us that our only value lay in our good looks, then perhaps we wouldn't have felt compelled to hide our heads in shame on bad hair days!


a Tonggu Momma said...

That's a TONGUE? Good to know. :)

mendyc said...

Kids these days just don't realize how good they have it!