Monday, January 24, 2011

My Daughter, the Groupie

This is my daughter with Christian singer Mark Schultz at a concert last month.
Yes!  She got to meet him, and get his autograph and have her picture taken with him!
She also got to see the inside of his tour bus...more on that later.

In case you've never heard of Mark Schultz (get your head out of the ground and turn the radio on, already!) he sings some beautiful songs...such as I Am, I Have Been There, and He's My Son

Just a side note...the very first time I heard of Mark Schultz, I was in my car driving home from the Children's Hospital on a very cold night in March, 2001 while our extremely ill three year old lay in a bed on the fourth floor fighting to breathe.  He had become so dehydrated that when the nurses tried to start an IV in his arm to administer fluids, the blood droplets just pooled up on his hospital gown and rolled off...his blood was like gel.  It wouldn't soak into the fabric. My mom had to hold him through a spinal tap. 
 He had endured so many tests and he wasn't getting any was a terrifying time. 
In the car that night, I heard a song. 
This was the chorus:

Can You hear me?
Am I getting through tonight?
Can You see him?
Can You make him feel all right?
If You can hear me
Let me take his place somehow
See, he's not just anyone
He's my son

I just bawled.  All over my steering wheel.  Listening to Mark Schultz sing the words I felt in my heart.

But anyway, my baby boy got better.  He grew up just fine.  I still listen to Mark Schultz. 
And I still tear up every time I hear that song.  I probably always will. 

Darling Daughter likes Mark Schultz, too.  So when she heard he was coming to town, she asked for tickets as part of her Christmas.  She and her friend the Valedictorian Absolutely With No Common Sense (VWANCS) drove over to my sister's side of town to see Mark and a band called Down Here. 

They only got lost three times on the way there!

With specific written directions. 


AND cell phones with GPS!

Well, I did mention that the Valedictorian has no common sense, didn't I?
And anyone who's read my blog before realizes that my daughter is a dingbat of the highest degree.

They got to meet the other band, too.  Notice the bunny ears the girls are holding up behind the band members' heads.  So grown-up and mature of them.  So classy and refined. 

Following the performances, the girls headed out to the VWANCS's little red Volkswagen Bug to buckle up and drive home.  As they got into the car, they noticed that there was a rather large, shiny, silver bus parked right next to the little red Volkswagen Bug.  They also noticed that there was some luggage right beside the large, shiny, silver bus and right behind the little red Volkswagen Bug.  Darling Daughter, being ever so helpful and resourceful, decided to get out of the car and MOVE the luggage so the girls could back out of their parking spot and drive home. 

For some reason, she then photographed the luggage next to the bus where she put it:

And then she got back into the Volkswagen and gave VWANCS the all clear.
So, they proceeded to back up...straight into the luggage that Darling Daughter had just moved out of their way...knocking the luggage over and into the large, shiny, silver bus.  Much shrieking and screaming, a little giggling, and many shouts of "OMG!" ensued. 
At which point a large, hairy man came walking around the bus and politely inquired "What the HECK?"

That man was the tour bus driver.
The girls had just knocked the luggage into the TOUR BUS.


Somehow...somehow...I have no idea how exactly...but somehow...running over the luggage and knocking it into the large, shiny, silver bus merited the two Dingbats an invitation to climb on board the bus and have a look around.


Probably the bus driver has a dimwitted teenage daughter himself.
Or he felt sorry for the two lunatics who'd escaped the asylum for an evening of fun.
Or he had a sense of humor??
I dunno.

But as long as she's going to hop on a tour bus and look around, I guess it's a darn good thing it was a famous Christian Artist's bus and not  Gene Simmons or Metallica or something.

Off to have another conversation about stranger-danger, driver awareness and the hazards of getting into vehicles with men you don't know!

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