Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Dearest, Darling, Determined, Diminutive Dumplin'


Yelling, Yummy Youngin'

(You had to pick a name with a "Y" in it??)


Loving, Lighthearted, Lively, Little Lamb


Adorable, Awesome, Action-packed, Adventurous, Angelic  Ankle-biter


Noisy, Never-boring, Neato, Nimble Nut

(OK...the "N" wasn't much easier!)

Yesterday my sister's youngest turned FIVE!

The littlest grandbaby has to hold up the whole entire HAND now!

Apparently he got to wear an "I'm Five!" button to preschool, too, which is totally cool. 
And I'm so jealous because I bought an "I'm 21!" button for Todd, but he didn't actually want to wear it to college or to the fire department...not sure why.  He spoils all my fun!  But anyway...

Happy birthday to Dylan, our sweet, brown-eyed baby boy.
We weawwy wove you wots and wots!
(And secretly hope you never, ever stop talking wike that, cause it's so darn cute.)
We're proud of you, Mister Five Year Old.
See you Saturday for birthday cake and pwesents.


mendyc said...

That's much better! :)

mendyc said...

Oh and his button said "birthday boy" not "I'm 5" that way he can wear it every year! :)