Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Yeah, I know I already had a post up this morning, but then my Darling Daughter happened to mention that today is someone's special day so of course I had to say:


Over the years, we've had the privilege of getting to know some pretty wonderful kids through our own children.  They bring home the most interesting friends.  Watching them grow up into amazing young adults makes us just as proud as if they were our own.

There aren't many 18 year old high school seniors who like adventure as much as this girl does!
You may recall that I introduced you to the Valedictorian With Absolutely No Common Sense a few days ago?  She was the one with my daughter at the concert...the one where they backed into luggage and ended up on the tour bus.

Yeah, those two have done plenty of random, crazy things over the years.  Including interviewing random elderly people at the local park...on video.  They have also run through fountains, fully clothed, in public.  And they have braved touching the haunted pillar!  (Long story, someday I'll explain.)  And climbed into storm drains just to check them out. (Smart.) Once, when they were younger, our dogs really DID eat their homework.  They had pictures as evidence to show their teachers.

I'm not sure I have ever known another girl who's made it all the way from kindergarten to senior year without ever making so much as an A MINUS on a report card.  (Well, that would be why she's VALEDICTORIAN, duh!)

If you have actually gotten a B before, Madam Birthday Girl, please don't tell me!  I'm an old woman.  I enjoy living in my own little world of illusion.

There probably aren't many high school seniors who drive around in their bright red convertibles wearing a purple dinosaur on their heads, either, but on this one?  Well, it just works. 

There probably are even fewer 18 year olds who would chose to spend their week after graduation at Harry Potter World rather than at the beach scoping out hot guys...but VWANCS is all about the Wizard Boy!

Eighteen year old high school seniors aren't notorious for hanging out with 13 year old boys, either, but VWANCS, she always makes my twins feel like they're a part of the big kids group.  When she's around, they fit right in.  (Or, at least they think they do, and that's what matters, right?) 

Thank you for VWANCS for being a good friend to our daughter all these years.  Thank you for being her partner in many, many adventures!  Thanks for being so sweet to my boys.  And thanks for reading my ramblings here on the blog and not correcting my grammar mistakes in the comments.  We here at the Source House wish you the very happiest of birthdays, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for a young lady as amazingly bright, talented, and unique as you.  You're going places, girl!  Just make sure you come back and say "hi" once in a while!  Happy birthday!

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, how I hope I have this kind of "friendship" with the Tongginator's girlfriends when she is a teen. This made me smile.