Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things that have been lost in the past few weeks:

1.  Darling Daughter's keys. 

2.  The battery charger for my brand new camera!!!  Which is dead now.  So I can't take pictures. 

3.  A droid cell phone.

4.  An entire wallet with driver's license and debit card.

5.  A silver ring.

6.  The same debit card, again, but not the wallet this time.

7.  The Hubby's favorite pair of socks.  (Yes, he has favorite socks.  Extreme weirdness is endemic to this house.)

8.  All but three pairs of his underwear!  (I swear he must be taking them off at work when he has his lunch break or something. Or the washer is eating them.  Or one of the kids is wearing them??  Yuck!)

9.  Hubby's drill motor and charger.  (He swears that I must have mistakenly given them away last month when we cleaned out the garage for the yard sale, but what kind of wife would do something like that, I ask you?)

10.  The lid to my crock pot.  I am not even kidding.  I wish I were.

11.  My sanity.  Why can't people just put things where they belong? And why can't I find the things I DO put away for safe-keeping and then forget what I did with them?  And why do my kids just follow me from room to room looking in the very same drawers and cabinets they JUST saw me look through??  And who misplaces the lid to a crockpot??

12.  And if you happened to buy the drill motor and charger at a yard sale in downtown North Augusta last month, would you call me?  I'd like to buy it back.  Although, I'm pretty certain I didn't donate it, but you never know...around here, anything's possible.


Teresa =) said...

Dang, woman...and I thought MY life was scattered. You gotta get it together or you're gonna forget where you put your house!

At least your post (as always) made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

Your snowball is in the mail...

Teresa =)

Chelsea Gour said...

I tell you what you do. You get Brianna over there now! That child can find anything. We wait with a list of lost things for her to get here every summer, because we know she will find whatever we have lost over the year! Not even kidding!

The Momster said...

Oh my candy canes! I feel your pain. Are you living an identical life to mine, just across the state line?

(I am speaking in rhyme apparently today!)

Holiday Hugs!