Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One plus one...

ONE sick seventeen year old daughter, home from school and in her bed on this very cold morning.

ONE very sweet and attentive younger brother who is at her beck and call, taking her cookies and tea, a heating pad, her remote control, her iPod, etc.

EQUALS ONE extremely interrupted day of homeschool!!

Somebody call home health and send me a caregiver, quick.  This girl is gonna drive us insane today! 

On another note...the OTHER younger brother??  He's totally ignoring her pleas for more coffee or an additional blanket.  Little man stuck some headphones on and cranked his music up so he can work in peace.  If I ever need help, I'll know which twin to call!  Ryan is the sweet one.  I have a feeling Zach would leave me to curl up and suffer like a slug in some salt.


Hezra said...

oh poor darling daughter. and um, yes this is when you start making plans for who cares for you in your old age. lol

Chelsea Gour said...

So sorry to hear that DD is under the weather. Happy to hear that my future son-in-law can deal with the drama, because when his future wife is sick.....she's just like DD! And she'll be expecting to be treated like royalty. The rest of the time she will totally take care of him! ;)

Anonymous said...

I really HATE to say "I told you so..." but you did give her a flu shot, right? What did you expect...she got the flu! Love you, Heather. BABA