Monday, December 27, 2010

A few pictures from our Christmas:

First, our lovely Griswold Family Christmas Tree which was absolutely gorgeous at Lowe's but ended up having a bend in its trunk so that it leaned to the left once we stuck it in the stand at home.  We never did get it entirely straight, but we found that looking at the tree with our heads slightly tilted and our eyes squinted helped a lot.  It's decorated with most of the ornaments our family has collected over the past 20 years (because some of them are too fragile and some are too hideous to actually put on the tree each year) and topped with a crooked star.  A star that's tie-wrapped to the highest limb because I accidentally broke the base off of it last year.  Well, we're nothing if not practical and inventive around here. 
Please note that Santa Mouse is perched on the shelf directly to the left of the tree. 
He likes the view from up there.

Also, please note that although it may appear that one kid's present pile is way larger than the other kids' piles, Santa did not, in fact, discriminate against the other three.  Even though they deserved to be discriminated against since they're not nearly as sweet as the kid with the bigger pile of gifts. The kid with the most gifts actually asked for things that could be wrapped and stuck under a tree.  The oldest kid asked for something so expensive that he knew he wouldn't be getting much else (and he was fine with that.) 
And the girl.  Well.  She got a car. 

And there was no way I was gonna let Santa park a Grand Prix in my living room.  Sorry.

On Christmas Eve we had lunch with the Hubby's side of the family. 
 (OK, it feels weird to type that..."Hubby's side of the family."  They've been my family for 24 years now, much longer than they weren't my family, so let's just say they were originally his family first. These are the people that are related to him by blood.)

That's his dad and mom seated in the front. 
They have three children...two daughters and one son.  The son would be my husband. 
(Yes, he's the baby of the family and the only boy.  That explains SO much.)

They also have seven grandkids...six boys and um, one girl. 
That would be our Darling Daughter.
I'm so blessed to have both their only son and youngest child...AND their only granddaughter!

How lucky am I?  Two completely spoiled rotten people all to myself!

Notice, if you will, that this year just about everyone in this family is somewhere in the 5'1" to 5'5" range with the exception of my husband and one nephew.  I have on boots with heels because I like to tower over Darling Daughter and make her feel short.  I wonder how tall all those middle boys will be next year?? 
I may have to buy taller boots.

At the in-laws we stuffed ourselves with turkey, dressing, dumplings and lemon meringue pie.
And then we ripped into a pile of presents.

Then we made our way over to my mom's house for Christmas Eve dinner. 
Because, you know, one can never eat enough at Christmas time. 
We ate bacon-wrapped chicken thingies, ham, sweet potatoes, all kinds of other stuff and red velvet cake!

We took the annual family portrait which involves gathering thirty people around one sofa, having them face every direction for twenty minutes, while my step-dad and uncle point cameras on tripods at the group, set the timers and hurl themselves over the second floor railing before the shutter clicks!

Darling Daughter wisely uses this time to text her friends while my sister tries to peek around her head because she keeps moving.

The people in this picture range in age from 89 to four years old and include an ice skating coach,two college students, two high school students, three seventh graders, someone who dropped his cell phone in the lake, someone who left her cell phone at a shoe store, someone who dropped her cell phone in the bathtub, and someone whose cell phone was flushed down a toilet.

Can you find me in this picture?

No, you can't.  I'm busy trying to get a few shots in before the mad dashing and frantic repositioning begin!

After dinner, the Child Formerly Known as Pip Squeak enticed his great-uncle J onto the floor for an arm-wrestling match.  I'm not really sure why they decided to do that, but I was kind of hoping that they were wrestling for J's Porsche.  In which case, I would totally have helped Zach cheat!! 
They struggled for several minutes, but in the end the grown man won. 

Christmas morning brought lots of surprises.  Ryan unwrapped a new firearm and some ammo.  He spent hours perfecting his Barney Fife impersonation and firing pellets at deer droppings in the woods across the street from our house.  Well, what else is a 13 year old boy supposed to do on Christmas Day besides scope out the situation in the woods with his twin and a pair of walkie-talkies? 
You were expecting them to play video games, maybe?

My handsome little babies.  They're growing up. 
This was the first year that Santa didn't bring any toys to our house!
Not a single one.
Instead he brought clothes.  And jackets and coats.  And boots.  And cell phones.  And guns.  And a new fire helmet.  And a guitar.  And a camera.  And books, lots and lots of books! 
And assorted other junk, but not toys. 

You know what?  I really look forward to having grandbabies one day in the future (like at least 10 years in the future) because Christmas is fun with grown kids, but it just isn't the same as with tiny people and shrieks of joy and tons of toys!

The day after SNOWED!  All day long!  Lots and lots of snow.
I might have mentioned that the last time it snowed that close to Christmas around here was something like a hundred and fifty years ago.  So yeah, it was pretty awesome to have the white stuff wafting gently from the sky all day long.  Not that I poked one toe outside the door, since I don't like to be cold and cold is usually a prerequisite for snow.  But the kids enjoyed it.

It snowed on Heather's car!  She got to write on her own rear window in the snow!  And make snowballs with snow from the hood of her own car.  Exciting times.

I guess that's about it for now. 
I have to go and edit a picture for my sister so she can use it for her facebook profile pic. 
 It's my birthday gift to her.

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