Friday, December 3, 2010

Extreme Excitement!!

Do you know who that is hugging my sister and me???

Want to guess what we did Friday morning?
(Besides hug Ty Pennington, that is.)

Well, we got up at 5 AM.
We dressed in lots of layers because it was 22 degrees outside.  (Yeah, in Georgia.  That NEVER happens.)
We drove to the creepy deserted parking lot of an abandoned shopping mall.
We picked up hard hats and t-shirts.
We signed releases swearing not to sue if a house fell on our heads.

And then?
We had a blast!

We got to meet Paige and Michael!
Paige is even prettier in person. Look at her cute pink boots.  I want some.  For Christmas.
OK, I don't know where I'd actually wear them to...maybe co-op or something, but still.
And Michael's got the whitest teeth I have ever seen in my life!

And we got to meet Ed! 
(He's got the coolest accent ever and was so nice!)

We watched a house come crashing down.

And we got out shirts signed.

And that's all I can tell you.  You'll have to watch the show to see the rest.  But I'm going back on Tuesday to have some more fun!  And I can say this:  If Extreme Makeover Home Edition ever comes to your area...

Because it was so much fun!

**Edited to add a picture of my sister, MENDY, hugging ED, because she felt left out!**


mendyc said...

FINE! Don't post the piture of ME with Ed! :P

The Source said...

Well, I'm sorry but he told me NOT to. :) But since you're my sister and I love you, I'll post one anyway. Is that better??

The Momster said...

Ugh...hate you! JUST KIDDING! I am jealous...what a fun day you guys must have had!!!! JEALOUS :)

The Source said...

L ~ Don't worry, I got an extra hug in just for you!

mendyc said...

awwww thx sister :)

Chelsea Gour said...

I am so jealous right now, I may not be able to speak to you for a least until I see you again! :P