Friday, November 19, 2010

A "Stick" Up??

I had to share this clip from last night's news.  How stupid does a man have to be to rob a gas station when:  A. everyone who works there already knows you well enough to recognize your voice even though your cleverly disguised with a towel on your head
B. you have to use a tree limb as a weapon
C. you have to drive away in your souped-up lawn mower
D. you bring along your fishin' pole

From the looks of this guy, he probably should have parked his get-away vehicle a little closer to the convenience store...doesn't look like he's been getting a whole lot of exercise in recent years.  Maybe he was planning on joining Jenny Craig with the $200 haul he made off with before he was caught booking it up the highway on his tractor.

1 comment:

Hezra said...

...oh my WORD! This is CA-RAZY!!! Just when I think I may live in the hickest redneck state ever, there are these things happening in other states that remind me there are rednecks everywhere. lol My boys really loved this. Thanks. That is a sweet getaway car. lolololol I hope he was licensed to carry that stick.lololol ok I gotta stop.