Saturday, November 27, 2010

So umm...short stories from Thanksgiving weekend.

Well there was this wedding cake that I was supposed to make. 
And I think I may have mentioned before that I'm not a wedding cake-maker.
Cupcakes?  I can do those.
Muffins, cakes, pies, all sorts of delicious baked goods. 
But wedding cakes?
I have never.
And that fact became more and more painfully obvious as the wedding approached.
But you know what?  I didn't volunteer to make the wedding cake.
I was suckered into it. 
When Lucy climbed up onto the kitchen table and devoured one of the chocolate layers...

I frantically baked another. 
Stayed up until almost midnight the night before Thanksgiving to replace that layer. 
And then got up at 6 Am the morning after Thanksgiving to decorate the cake.
And it still looked ugly. 
Oh, well.
Maybe that's a good thing. 
I'm betting I won't get told to make another one!

As I was making the deviled eggs on Thanksgiving morning, I cut into one and discovered:

How awesomely freaky does that egg look?! 
I've cracked open eggs to find double yolks inside before, but never have I boiled a twin chicken's egg!! 
 I wonder if it had been fertilized, would it have turned into identical chicken twins?
Or would they have been fraternal?

Evidence that I ate waaaaayyyy too much food Thanksgiving Day:

Clockwise from the top...squash casserole, green beans wrapped in bacon, some kind of potato/Gruyere cheese thing, dressing & gravy, turkey, deviled egg (with only one yolk), mac & cheese and in the middle carrot souffle (or, if you're Ryan, they're "sweet potatoes".)  Oh!  And I think there's a roll up there somewhere.  And some Chardonnay. 

I didn't take pictures of my dessert. 
I couldn't shovel it in and eat at the same time!

Some of the family on Thanksgiving 2010:

Clearly, my daughter needs get into modeling after college. 
She's such a natural at it, don't you think??

And then...the day after Thanksgiving...there was the wedding.
Two people in love.
Celebrating with friends and family.
Outdoors on a lovely (but a little drizzly) day with a gorgeous view of multicolored fall leaves.

The happy couple in the middle of their vows:

This was a wedding unlike any I have ever attended. 
For starters, the bride rode in on a horse!
(No, I am not kidding, see, I have proof.)

She also wore cowboy boots under that white dress.

The groom?

Why yes, that is a duck call around his neck. 

Well, hey, what should a wedding day be if not reflective of the happy couple's unique personalities?
And those two? 
And happy!

May they have many, many years as happy together as they were on Friday!


The Momster said...

Um okay... duck calls, camo, and horses. You didn't take a picture of the cake???

a Tonggu Momma said...

So did you give that egg to the boys to split?

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