Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Science Projects.

This week at co-op the twins and their classmates will be etching glass.  With chemicals.  Of some sort.  I've been advised to have them wear clothing that we don't mind possibly having ruined. 

This is why we go to co-op, by the way...so some other person has to do the potentially damaging projects. 

Here at home, though, we do actually conduct most of the umm...more benign and harmless...experiments that are in our science book by ourselves.  Because they're fun!  And we learn from them!

In this week's module of General Science we're learning about fossils and different ways they are formed.  Naturally, it's easier to wrap your brain around the whole process when you can create a fossil or two of your own.  So we went to the store and stocked up on PlayDoh and plaster of Paris and began making fossils.

But then...

Then I read over at Scribbit about how to mummify your own chicken...which just happens to coincide with our IEW writing lessons on Ancient Egypt...soooo...we went back to the store and bought several pounds of salt and a bunch of big ziploc bags.  But we didn't buy the chicken. Yet.

Because the price of a frozen chicken was eight dollars! 

Excuse me. 

There's no way I'm paying $8.00 for a chicken we could eat for dinner but instead will be burying in the back yard. 

Call me a tightwad.  Whatever. 


I guess as soon as a friend or relative phones me to say they've got a freezer burnt fowl in their fridge that we can have...we'll be putting that little project on hold. 

But really...is it just me, or does that seem like a lot of money for a chicken??  I know I could buy one already COOKED for $4.99.  Why should I pay $8.00 for a frozen one that I would have to thaw, season, and bake myself???

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