Monday, November 8, 2010

News of all kinds.

  1. The yard sale to Bring Asher Home was a huge success!  I don't think Chelsea has updated her blog about it yet, so I won't steal her thunder, but WOW.  Can you tell from my cell phone picture just how much STUFF there was Saturday morning??  Probably not, so let me tell wrapped around the house and down the side, too. There was a LOT of stuff.  Big stuff, little stuff, kitchen stuff, kid stuff, clothes, sporting equipment, electronics, furniture, you name it...and it sold like crazy, too!
  2. We had an absolute blast loading up the Gour Family "Duggar" Van, my Tahoe, Paul's SUV, Darling Daughter's truck, our trailer and the kids' laps on Friday night. Yes, it was freezing cold.  Yes, Paul and the twins did most of the work.  (Darling Daughter hid in the warm, cozy kitchen and entertained Isabel and Claire with PlayDoh.)  Yes, we were still unloading vehicles around midnight.  And yes, we had to get up before dawn to head back over the next morning.  But we enjoyed every minute of it.    The Gours are fabulous people and we want to adopt all of them.  Or at least force them to move back to our side of the state!
  3. Speaking of the Gour Family...those twins!!  Oh, how impressive!  They charmed the daylights out of our Oldest's girlfriend when we brought them here to our house by stepping back and waiting on all of us females to enter the house first.  And I thought MY boys had manners.  Clearly I have some work to do! 
  4. My grandma...she must have called me four million times on Saturday morning.  While I was at the yard sale.  Because she needed to ask me if they had any cookbooks.  And then she needed to ask me if they had any dishes.  And then she needed to ask me if they had any electric blankets.  And then she needed to ask me if they had any dressers.  And then...I forget.  But you get the idea.  I don't know why she needed to ask me all these things...she already has two complete, entire households full of cookbooks, dishes, and electric blankets.  Heaven knows I can't even find a place to PUT the dishes she already has when I unload her dishwasher.  But you never know when you may wake up one day and find all your dishes gone!  Or forget how to cook something!   She's only been cooking for 83 years (give or take a few years during her toddlerhood, I suppose) so there shouldn't really be any huge danger in her forgetting how to make corn bread.  And Grandaddy won't eat anything new or different anyway.  But she wanted cookbooks, so I brought her cookbooks.  And dishes. With apples on them.  Lovely, lovely apple dishes. 
  5. The chicken sold!!  The chicken sold early!  I can't believe somebody bought my chicken!  I miss the chicken already!  Lucy doesn't miss the chicken, but it made a nice addition to our kitchen table.

6.  Darling Daughter and I spent yesterday afternoon rearranging the dining room/den...thereby converting our one-room school into a two-room school!  Now we have the kitchen AND the other room in which learning can take place.  Or.  Or we could actually sit in the living room which we sometimes do.  Or they could work at their desks in their bedrooms...which they almost never do.  Anyway. I put the big old map on the dining room wall and I'm stealing an idea from Oh My Stinking Heck...with postcards and string and little map dots only I don't actually have any map dots so I'm using plain old thumb tacks and is there a difference??  I expect there is.  But I don't care.  I'm a rebel in map dotting.
7.  Did I mention that we're in the throes of college application and scholarship essays around here?  Darling Daughter checks the mailbox diligently every darn day to see if she's gotten an acceptance letter yet.  She's deathly afraid no one will let her in.  I keep telling her that colleges DO want intelligent young ladies with enthusiasm, a desire to learn, and a good work ethic.  Good grades don't hurt, either.  She doesn't believe me, I guess.  She's frantic to get a letter!  We'll be tacking them up somewhere (with thumb tacks, not map dots) as we await financial add offers and determine where she will ultimately go in the fall.  Hopefully, not too far!! 
8.  I've been reading Anne of Green Gables.  Yes, I realize that it's something I probably should have read as a young girl.  But I didn't.  So I'm reading it now.  And enjoying it so much!  If I had read it as a child I probably would have wished I was an orphan so I could be adopted and live somewhere interesting like Green Gables.  Because I couldn't have been Stephanie of Black Shutters.  That isn't as exciting.   Not nearly!!


Anonymous said...

I have the Anne of Green Gables videos if you want to watch them just let me know.

Guess who?

The Source said...

I was gonna guess Megan...but since you told me...and I wish I had a VCR cause I would love to watch them, but I don't so I can't. :(