Monday, November 15, 2010

The baby in this picture...

On the day of his birth on January 11,1922 the first successful insulin treatment for diabetes (on a human patient) was made.
Now, he checks his own blood sugar many times every day.

In the month of his birth, January, 1922, a flu epidemic took the lives of 804 people in Britain.
Now, he goes to the local drug store and takes a flu shot to (hopefully) prevent him from getting sick.   
(Oh, and has a British daughter-in-law that he calls "The Princess.)

In the year of his birth, 1922, the Eskimo Pie was patented, the first US aircraft carrier was commissioned, construction began on Yankee Stadium, and the USSR was formed, and the BBC began radio service in the United Kingdom.

In the decade of his birth, the 1920's, people danced the Charleston, King Tut's tomb was opened, Lindbergh flew non-stop from New York to Paris, women gained the right to vote, aerosol sprays, frozen foods, hearing aids, the iron lung, antibiotics and the television were invented.

And this weekend the man in this picture...who was the baby in the first picture...

He sang "Happy Birthday" to his son...all the way in Italy...with the help of the internet and Skype! 

Wow.  That was all he had to say about that.  Just wow. 

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