Thursday, October 14, 2010

This boy...

  1. Says that I don't blog about him enough.
  2. Asked me to do something about that.
  3. Is the sweetest kid I know.
  4. Is not an athlete.  At all.  And doesn't care.  He's an engineer instead! 
  5. Lives in a rat's nest.  Literally.  I won't walk into his room without a pitch fork, boots and a GPS!

5.  Always has a smile and a hug for me. And his dad.  And his grandparents.  And his aunts.  And the dog.
6.  Will sit for hours and listen to his great-grandaddy talk about "The War."
7.  Begged for that stupid dog for months!  And takes care of it daily without complaint.
8.  Cannot leave a banana in this house for more than 37 seconds without consuming it!
9.  Has been known to eat an entire box of Ritz crackers.  All by themselves.  At once.
10.  Makes better sweet tea than his mom!

11.  Does not bounce out of bed enthusiastically in the mornings...unless it's Farmer's Market Day with Dad.
12.  Is taller than his sister now!  By almost an inch!  She is not impressed!
13.  Isn't all that fond of school work, but gets it all done anyway.
14.  Would rather read a biography than a fictitious story.
15.  Knows more about History than I do.

16.  Likes to wear his hair long.  Over his ears.  Under his hat. 
17.  Can spend hours and hours constructing intricate Lego scenes.
18.  Is an NCIS fan.  And a Youtube fan.  And a Star Wars: The Clone Wars fan. 
19.  Is not a horror movie fan.
20.  Is turning out to be quite a writer these days...something I never would have anticipated.

21.  Can entertain himself for hours with a creek or some woods.
22.  Loves to "hunt" but would rather shoot clay pigeons than real animals.
23.  Believes money should be spent instantly!  It burns a whole straight through his pocket.  Hand him ten dollars, and you'd better be prepared to head to Wal-Mart...yesterday!
24.  If you won't take him to Wal-Mart, he'll be happy to spend his money on FOOD.  Now, please.
25.  Currently needs to eat at least every 37 seconds or he will surely starve. to. death!

26.  Was the most adorable little fellow in the world.  And still is.
27.  Has his own personal stylist...his sister.  For some reason she LOVES to dress him like an Abercrombie model and he could care less about picking out his he lets her.
28.  Asks me every day, "Mom?  Can I help you with anything?"  and it doesn't matter if its dishes, trash, yard work or toilets, he will pitch in until its done.
29.  Has the best sense of humor!  Always slipping the punch line in...
30.  Is an absolute joy to raise.  I love him with all of my heart! 

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And BaBa does too.