Monday, October 4, 2010

Spooky Saturday Stuff

The first Saturday of October brought some time gorgeous outdoors...

a couple of piggyback rides...

a wittle boy who can wun weal fast...

a bright green lizard in a tree...

a rail to slide down to a cool spot to search for gators and throw rocks...

a bunch of hooligans...

a fun afternoon with each other...

and a ride in an ambulance for Darling Daughter!

No, not a Lego ambulance.
A real one.
Still not exactly sure what happened as she was feeling fine at the river all afternoon...well...except for mentioning that he legs felt "shaky."  But she played with her brothers and cousins, posed for over a thousand photos and generally acted like her usual silly, energetic self. 

When we got home, she ate dinner and showered, then plopped herself on the sofa with a big pink blanket and watched a movie with the family...still cutting up and exclaiming over every scene.  (That girl cannot watch anything without commenting and shrieking and singing along and constantly wiggling and moving!)
When the movie was over, around 10 pm, she said she was heading to bed...she's been so incredibly busy lately that she was ready to get some rest.

Minutes later, she was calling to me from the bathroom with severe stomach pains.

And a few minutes after that, she was out.

Like, literally, out.

She passed out cold. 

Her daddy and I got her into the living room, but Darling Daughter didn't regain consciousness.  For several minutes, she wasn't "there."  Of course, Daddy dialed 911.  We continued to try and get her to wake up, but she could barely come around before her eyes would roll back again and she was out.  In between fainting episodes, she would shake uncontrollably and hyperventilate and then...back out. 

Needless to say, we were terrified.  He poor brothers were scare out of their wits.  The Oldest and his nurselet girlfriend came right away...made it here in time to follow the ambulance in.

The ambulance soon arrived, the paramedics came in and started taking blood pressure, pulse, etc.  They found her blood sugar was a little low and in spite their efforts, they couldn't get her to wake up either.  They loaded her up in the back, started an iv, and took off for the hospital.

Essentially, her potassium level was very low and her blood sugar was also pretty low.  Which can cause abdominal cramps, muscle pain, headaches, blacking out and altered mental status.  Did you know that?  Because I sure didn't.

What I also don't know is how did her potassium level get so low??

We were able to bring her home around 3AM after some major fluids and a really wonderful ER doctor who assured us that she would be fine.  We have a follow-up with a cardiac/syncope clinic to make sure.

So, it was an eventful evening, to say the least. 

She's back at school today and seems to be back to her old self.

The emergency room doctor, as I said, was absolutely fabulous.  Very patient, very teenager-friendly, very energetic and kind to worried, exhausted parents at 3 o'clock in the morning.

The nurse...very caring, very calming, very gentle to our daughter who was terrified and confused at what was happening to her.

The ambulance driver and the ER admitting staff?

Rude, obnoxious, belittling, short-tempered, foot-tapping, insistent and horrible. 
I realize that these people are working a night shift.  That's something I've never had to do.  I understand that they see all kinds of people suffering from all kinds of ailments and that they treat teenagers who've ingested who knows what and are drunk, intoxicated, high, belligerent or just plain out for drama.  I know that every person who is unconscious may, possibly, have taken something.

However, to continue to accuse a seventeen year old girl of sneaking something behind her mom's roll your eyes at a sick child, to tell her repeatedly that you "can't help her if she isn't straight with you" and that "no one has these symptoms unless they're on something!"  is just outright mean.  I know every kid and every parent denies these things...but sometimes...they're actually telling you the truth and that really IS a good kid you're treating so harshly and judgmentally. 

Not every seventeen year old is on drugs.  Not every teenager is starving herself.  Not every teenager is smoking or drinking.  And surprise, surprise!  NOT every teenager is have $*x either.  Once it was established that our daughter's blood work was clean and in fact she had NOT been lying, faking, high or pregnant, an apology for being so MEAN to her should have been in order.  She really did eat actual food.  She really did drink normal amounts of fluid.  She really was with her mom the entire day from sun up to sun down.  She really doesn't do drugs or smoke or inhale things or shoot up or snort markers or anything she's not supposed to do.  She WANTS to be healthy.  She want to BE a doctor one day. 

Hopefully she will remember this...if only so that she'll remember NOT to treat people so unkindly when they're so afraid.


Hezra said...

oh my gosh... I am so sorry you all had such an awful time! I hate that they were so rude!!! I understand. I too have had lots of mean encounters with Drs and nurses and paramedics. I could fill a book with my stories. I will be praying for you all!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh my lands, I am SO glad she is okay! And so sorry that she (and you) were treated that way. I think this is one of the few prejudices that most of society deems still acceptable - stereotyping teenagers. It makes me mad. The vast majority of teens I know are amazing. And not on drugs.

Teresa =) said...

Yikes. And I'm sorry.

As a nurse, I hate to hear what happened to your daughter. As a recent visitor to the ED following a pretty bad car accident, I got the same crappy experience.

(Sorry if it's shift change, y'all, but I'm on a back board, in a cervical collar, and I have to go to the bathroom! Hand me the bed pan and stop rolling your eyes at me!)

Your poor extremely scary! And poor Mom and Dad. I couldn't have controlled myself in your shoes. And remember that hospitals have Patient Relations offices and Presidents...starting writing some letters!

Teresa =)