Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love...

  • I love that this is the 24th year we've watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" together.
  • I love that you know how to fix just about everything. 
  • I love that you teach the kids to fix things, too.
  • I love that you taught ME how to change the oil in the Tahoe, but that you don't MAKE me do it!
  • I love that YOU love to cook.  Cause I don't really want to do it all that much.
  • I love that you call me beautiful when I just woke up and look like a hag!
  • I love that you always hold my hand when we watch movies in bed.
  • I love that you've worked hard so that I could be at home with our kids. 
  • I love that you don't just support the idea of homeschooling, you actually WANT them here.
  • I love that you always kiss me goodbye in the morning before you leave!
  • I love that you get your hair cut every three and a half days.  And so does your clone.
  • I love that we fit perfectly together when we snuggle.
  • I love that you buy horribly dorky shirts, bring them home proudly, and put them on with a smile...and then take them back off when your daughter & I laugh hysterically!
  • I love that you don't try to make me tell you about my bad dreams until I feel like I can talk about them.
  • I love that you won't eat pounds and pounds of roasted garlic unless I convince you that I don't mind.
  • I love that you open the door for me EVERY time I get in the car.  Even if I'm driving.
  • I love that you kiss me every time I get in the car, too.
  • I love that you bought me this funny dunky-bird thingie just because you knew my Granny had one like it when I was little:

  • I love that you bought me a tree for Mother's Day that reminds me of one of our best vacations ever.
  • I love that you don't care if I paint the living room hot pink or make the laundry smell like flowers.
  • I love that you'll dance with me every time our song comes on.
  • I love that you'll watch most of Dancing With the Stars with your daughter and me...even though you think it's stupid.
  • I love that you carry the heavy stuff.  And that you taught the boys to carry the heavy stuff, too.  Not because I can't, but so I don't have to.
  • I love that you don't like some of my culinary creations, but you eat them anyway.
  • I love that you DON'T try to make me eat some of YOUR culinary creations.  Because you know I'd gladly starve before I would eat a shrimp.  Or turnip greens.  Or squirrel stew!
  • I love that you let me keep the windows open all fall & spring even though you claim to be allergic to fresh air. 
  • I love that you call me just because you were thinking about me!
  • I love that you'll wait on me even if it means you might be a little late getting to the Farmer's Market and they might be out of okra. 
  • I love that you'll go without me if I would rather sleep late than buy veggies at 7 am.
  • I love that you still remember everything about when and where we shared our first kiss.  And where we went on our first date.  And what we ate.  And which hand you slammed in the car door when you brought me home.
  • I love that you're mine.


Chelsea Gour said...

Awwww, you're sweet and he's a keeper! Is there an anniversary on the calendar or are you just in a confirming mood today? Iknow you already celebrated your wedding anniversary. When did you two meet?

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love that you two are still so in love after 20 years.