Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wildlife Photography

Blue-black butterfly on a bush in the park.

Orange butterfly on a bush in the park.

Delicate spider web between some branches in the park.

 Dead hummingbird in a Mason Jar in my kitchen. sort of did a kamikaze dive into the deck door and died on my chaise lounge. 
So I figured it wanted to donate its body to science, right??

Hummingbirds are much different than other kinds of birds.
They don't have bladders, for one thing. 
They also have wings that move on ball & socket type joints and enable them to fly backwards and hover in place while they drink with those long, pointy, needle noses of theirs. 
Actually, there's a long, pointy tongue inside that long, pointy beak.  Or bill.  Whichever it is.
And its shaped like a W at the end.
The tongue, that is.
Hummingbirds can hear better than humans.
They can also see extremely well.
Probably they aren't intelligent enough to distinguish between glass and space, though, I'm thinking.
A hummingbird's heart beats around 250 beats per minute while it's at rest!
Hummingbirds have a body temp of around 105 degrees while they're flying!

They also fit neatly into Mason jars.

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