Monday, September 13, 2010

They just keep coming...

Yes, as a matter of fact, you ARE going to be tortured with more 20th Anniversary Trip Pictures. 

You're welcome. 

It only took 6 attempts to get a halfway decent photo of the two of us together using the "teenager technique" of holding the camera at arm's length and snapping it yourself.  What can I say,  we grew up with Polaroid cameras that popped out little black square pictures that weren't developed yet.  Had to blow on the photo and shake it around a little bit if you wanted it to process faster!  (That's a free tip I'll bet you didn't know!) 

On our last evening in Greenville (which, by the way, I spelled incorrectly on yesterday's post...let's just keep that one between us, shall we?)  the Hubby and I had dinner at Smoke on the Water.  Again.  Because it was so delicious the first night and there were so many things we wanted to try.  This time around, I ordered the pimento cheese and crostini appetizer.  It was absolutely fabulous!!  And it came on a triangle plate!
Sprinkled with paprika!
(Doesn't take much to impress me, obviously.)

Hubby chose the Fried Globs of Ocean Snot  Oysters.  He said they were excellent. 
I'll have to take his word for it. 

At Smoke on the Water, they bring fresh cornbread to the table while you're waiting on dinner. 
Hurray for cornbread! 

I had the pulled pork.  I think they went out back and slaughtered an entire pig and chunked it on my plate!  That was a LOT of pork!!
I also got the macaroni & cheese (because I am nothing if not daring!)  and the squash casserole. 
That would be the squash on the right.  The squash was amazing!! 
The mac & cheese...was the only thing I ate there that I didn't care for.  It sort of had the consistency of a box of Kraft and tasted like maybe they'd thrown in some garlic.  Blech. 
Or maybe I'm just a macaroni snob?  I like it how I like it. 
That wasn't how I like it.
Plus, it was white.  Not yellow. 
What's up with that??

Hubby picked the salmon  tuna  fish.  I can't remember which one this is.  And I have no idea how to tell from the picture.  It looks like a big hunk of chicken, but I know it isn't.  Since he's asleep right now and I can't ask him, I'm going to go with "fish."  Fish sounds good.  With the fish he had spinach and squash.  The squash was magnificent.  The spinach? 
I don't eat cooked spinach because it's slimy, so I don't know.  He ate it two nights in a row, but he pretty much eats everything edible so that's no way to judge.  It smelled ok. 

So I'm not a food blogger. 

So what??

A lovely view of the restaurant sign...up close! 

And a lovely view of the restaurant from farther away.
And the statue of Shoeless Joe Jackson who apparently was a baseball player.
I'm guessing he was also from South Carolina and probably from Greenville (spelled it right this time) or else they wouldn't have a statue of him on Main Street. 

This is the suspension bridge over the Reedy River falls. 
Kind of looks like it curves off into nowhere, doesn't it??
It's really high!  You don't want to look over the side in the daylight. 
Trust me on that.

That's looking back across the street from Reedy River Falls park.  The building on the right houses the restaurant High Cotton and a Starbucks with no bathroom! 
Please explain this to me.
How can there be a Starbucks...a place that sells coffee...
a place that sells tea...and place that sells hot chocolate and bottled water....a place that pretty much....sells liquid...and yet they have no toilet??  That's all kinds of cruel.

That one is some kind of old warehouse that has been made into a facility for functions.  You know, like wedding receptions?  There was a wedding reception going on that night.  We watched from the other side of the river as the guests danced and laughed and enjoyed the breeze off the water.  It was beautiful with hanging paper lanterns swinging from the ceiling! 
Here's another picture of it...with Hubby's knee in the corner.

Hubby takes credit for this picture since he's the one who told me to get down in front of the fountain and shoot up.  Shoot the picture facing up.  Not "shoot up"  as in umm...never mind. 

After our evening down town, we headed back to Pettigru Place to relax. 

And it actually took about five minutes before I turned around and saw...

Awwwww!!!!!  A chilled bottle of wine!  A heart-shaped, chocolate drizzled cheesecake!
And chocolate-covered strawberries!! 
Two forks!
Little red napkins!!
And more roses!

We sat out on the balcony and had a glass of wine, ate some of our treats and enjoyed the peace & quiet one last time! 

In case I didn't say it enough, Hubby, I had the BEST  time this weekend! 
You made everything so special!
THAT'S why there were tears when we finally made it back to reality.
Kids, cooking, messes, bickering, school work, schedules...people constantly knocking on our door...
It was heaven to get away with you for a few nights and just be together!

As for the rest of you...if you ever get to upstate South Carolina, may I recommend a stop in Greenville?  There's so much to do there.
You need to stay at Pettigru Place B & B and have Jeanette's strawberry-banana filled crepes for breakfast!  And her potato ebelskivers!  And her stuffed french toast with peaches. 
Or just anything she cooks.  She's awesome. 

I'm outta here.  Have to get up at 5 in the morning and start the real world again.
And the stupid dog is outside my window barking at nothing.
And the kids need clean clothes.
And reality?

Honey? Book another trip for six months from now.  We can celebrate 20 1/2 years, can't we??

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Slacker Mom said...

Sorry. Our friendship might be over... I AM JEALOUS! LOL

Looks like you had a great time! And you deserve to live it up!