Tuesday, September 14, 2010

History in the History Park

Around lunch time on Tuesday, the boys and I decided we had had just about enough of sitting inside doing schoolwork.  The weather was gorgeous...sun shining, birds chirping, breeze blowing...so we packed some sandwiches, veggies and a mason jar full of ice water and went to the Living History Park.

Yes, I made them bring their books along.  We can't just completely blow off an afternoon of school.  But we can certainly enjoy it a little more beside the creek!

Ryan couldn't resist splashing around a little bit.  He found a few tadpoles, salamander and a spider web.

Then we sat in the bridge and actually hit the books for a while.  See, I have proof!  Pencil in hand, words appearing on paper.  OK, maybe not neat, legible words, but still. 

Behold the look of extreme concentration on Zach's face as he painstakingly takes notes on his history lesson.
(If you know him in real life, then you know he pretty much always looks this way.)

Spider web.  Would have looked way cooler with some dew sprinkled on the strands...couldn't find any dew to sprinkle.  Will have to wait until early one morning, I suppose.

Stopping up the water with his feet.  I held the camera and waited for him to topple off the log and fall in on his butt.  Never happened.  Maybe next time.  

Of course, the afternoon became warmer and we became hungrier, so we stopped for a treat at the best old-fashioned drive-in around.  Ryan had a root beer float in a frosty mug, Zach had an oreo shake...

and I did NOT have a hot fudge cake.  Nope.  Not me!  And even if I DID have one, I certainly would have shared with the boys.  At least a bite or two.  For real. 

Boys?  Mom didn't eat a hot fudge cake this afternoon BEFORE dinner, did she??
(Tell on me and we'll never have school in the park again!)

"No comment!"

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Chelsea Gour said...

One of my favorite places in NA! Guess my other favorite.