Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I have missed taking pictures of...

Today was Darling Daughter's very last first day of school.  Well, as far as "school" school.  Not college or graduate school or taking her own kids to school or serving lunch at school or whatever else she may end up doing where schools are involved.  But for regular school, this was it.

And I totally would have documented it in full color for our scrapbook except for two things:

1.  I don't scrapbook. 

2.  My camera is broken.

I haven't had access to a decent camera since my SureShot bit the dust (or the beach sand?) last month. It's killing me.  I don't have pictures of ANYthing.  All these important moments keep right on happening, and I have to rely on the hubby's droid for pics.  It's so unfair.  Because he isn't always here when the good stuff happens!

And yes, I thought about using Darling Daughter's pink camera instead. 

Hers is broken, too.

So for now, illustrations will have to do.   Let's just pretend that the following image is my lovely daughter getting ready for her big day.  Of course, she would never, ever wear her long-sleeved green dress on the first day of school.  It's too hot for that in August.  Maybe in December.  Also, she did get her hair trimmed about two weeks ago and it hasn't quite grown back out yet, and she doesn't actually brush her hair anyway because it's too curly, but we're making do with what we've got here...

And another thing I wasn't able to get photos of...

The Oldest son began his new job.  He's an officially official fireman-for-pay now.  (Hey, if you've got that urge to go barrelling headlong into fiery infernos why not do it for money??  Right?!  Right!)  He's enjoying himself so far, what with the badge and radios and shiny white fire engines to ride on...

Yes, I said "white" because the fire trucks in the city of Aiken are not "Fire Engine Red" at all.  They're white.  Who ever heard of a white fire truck??  White fire trucks are kind of like white tigers.  They're still tigers, of course, but they just aren't as interesting or exciting to look at. As long as the hose works, though, I guess a white fire truck will have to do.  A paycheck is a paycheck, after all, whether you ride on a red one or a white one. 

I didn't get to document his very first day as an officially official fireman-for-pay in his cute little uniform, either.  Because my camera is broken.  And the hubby wasn't even here with his droid.  He'd already left for work.  Not that the Oldest would have stood still and LET mommy take his picture on his first day....but still.

Here...try to imagine that this fire truck is white.  That's my boy, smiling and waving at me as he rides by!  I don't know what's up with the length of that dalmatian's tongue.  Or where the other fireman's legs went...

And finally, because I have no camera, I have missed documenting the ONLY time my baby boys will EVER become teenagers in their lives.  Ever.  The twins turned thirteen on Saturday, and I didn't get so much as one blow of the candle on film.  Or memory card.  Not even when one of them couldn't manage to blow out all of his candles.  Not even when they went on their birthday present scavenger hunt.  Not even their first time bowling!  (I know, other kids have probably bowled a million times by their thirteenth birthday, mine are so deprived.  They never asked before!  Just like they never asked to go to Chuck E Cheese!  So I never took them.  And now that they're too old for Chuck E Cheese, I won't have to suffer through it!  See how that works??  If they don't think of asking, I just don't tell them about it.  Might work with cell phones, too.  I'll let you know!) 

So yeah, no pics of the boys turning 13. 

I know.  I know.  Just pretend like that's a blue baseball cap and NOT a hair bow.  Also pretend like that's not a ruffly collar.  And give them both green eyes.  And take away the bow tie, too.  And the flowers.  And...oh, never mind. 


Buy me a camera, please??


mendyc said...

You are so weird!

Tammy said...


I just got a new fancy camera and it will be here tomorrow....I.Can't.Wait.