Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We're half-way through the first week of our second year of home schooling here at The Source Household.  The boys are busily plugging away at their lessons, soaking up knowledge like 7th grade Sham-Wows. (Actually, at this particular moment they're still sawing logs, but you get my drift, right?) 

Planning our second school year at home went much more smoothly since I had some idea what I was doing this time.  I ordered the books we needed several months ago while they were on sale.  I purchased school supplies (well...pencils, paper and fresh dry-erase markers.) I sent in the renewal application for our accountability group.  We found a co-op group to join for a couple of classes (science and IEW.)  And we found a new activity to participate in for socialization.  Gotta make sure those twins are adequately socialized, right?  (Every time I hear the word "socialized" I picture a puppy training class at Petsmart.  I'm not sure why that is.)  All in all, I'd say that we were well prepared to begin seventh grade on the right foot. 

Except...if there's anything I learned during our first year of home schooling it's "Expect the Unexpected."   No matter how much time and effort I put into our school day, something invariably pops up and we end up going in a completely different direction than I'd planned.  For example:

I totally didn't expect to leave the boys here to do their work on their own...on the SECOND day of school...while I took my eighty-eight year old grandaddy to a surgeon for CT scans and a consultation.  (He fell on Saturday evening and has three broken bones in his face, poor guy.) 

And I didn't expect to dump the carefully scheduled science book reading in favor of observing the fat, hairy spider that took up residence on our deck this morning and proceeded to sink his (her?) fangs into a nice, juicy beetle for breakfast. 

And I didn't expect to ditch a pricey, flashy, computer-based math program for an old fashioned black & white book full of stick figures (Good bye Teaching Textbooks, hello Fred!)  but it's working! 

And I didn't expect to plunge into a Language Arts lesson at the dinner table after having my grammar corrected when the boys caught me using the phrase "She did good."  Uh...I sooooo knew better!  I was just testing them!  Seriously. 

And I certainly didn't expect to add "Cooking 101" to our middle school curriculum, but hey, if they want to learn to make french toast, pancakes, waffles and omelettes who am I to complain?  We'll call it "Culinary Arts."  Sounds good to me!  They can serve it to me in bed, and we'll call that "Apprentice Concierge Vocational Training."  Oh!  And then they can wash some laundry and I can put that down as "Industrial Services."  Right??  I can see this concept going on and on...lawn care, pool maintenance...I'm open to suggestions here.  Maybe we can move to a seven day/year round schedule. My house could stay neat and clean.  The possibilities here and endless...

We've learned a valuable lesson around here over the past year.  Learning doesn't have to fit neatly into a box on a calendar or between the covers of a book.  There are things to be discovered around every corner.  This home school business?  It's working out great for our family.  These boys are teaching me something new every day!

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Chelsea Gour said...

Yep! You've been sucked into the vortex of homeschool and it's doubtful you will ever recover! Good thing!!!