Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Lego Resort Hotel

Welcome to the Source Lego Spa and Beach Resort
created by Ryan, age 13, Lego-Fanatic-Extraordinaire

Accommodations include private rooms with comfy beds, televisions, ocean views and fire escapes.  Some rooms available with balconies overlooking the ocean. Upon check-in on the lower level, your luggage will be delivered to your room by bellhop while you enjoy a beverage at our bar.  (Non-alcoholic, of course, this resort was built PG-13!)  You may relax secure in the knowledge that our resort is well protected by armed guards on the roof as well as beach-side. 

You may prefer to lounge under an umbrella by the ocean with your sunscreen, fish from the dock, splash in the beautiful blue waves, or hop into a boat for an exhilarating ride.  But beware!  The resort cannot be held accountable for any sharks or mythical beings armed with tridents that you may encounter.  Our guard will attempt to keep the sharks at bay, but we make no promises concerning Poseidon and Neptune!

If swimming with the sharks and Greek gods is just too much for you, you may choose an afternoon of bliss in our private seaside spa to the right of the resort.  An alarm clock nearby will alert you when it's time to return to reality!


Chelsea said...

Hello, I'd like to make a reservation, please. Ground floor for a family of 6. Bring on the non-alcoholic beverages and we opt for swimming with Poseidon. We'll bring our own artillery to the party!

Tammy said...

Ummmm, yes, the GRITS family of 4 would like to make reservations for a week!

And we've got our own inflatable Lego mattress if needed.