Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Taking Karate Lessons

My Hubby's been off enjoying the beautiful, seventy degree summer weather on the banks of Lake Superior for the last two weeks while his beloved family is roasting down here in the good old South Carolina sauna.  Temperatures have been in the upper nineties and into the hundreds every single day.  With heat indexes up to 110 and 112.  And humongous afternoon thunderstorms fit to blast the windows right out of their frames! 

While he's been away, I have taken up a new form of self defense. 

Well, not really.  But after this week, I could totally kick butt if I had to.  Because I've been praticing my "Mr. Miyagi" technique all week...sanding the floor. And sanding the floor.  And...sanding.  The floor.  Turns out Mr. Miyagi knew what he was doing when he made the scrawny boy do all his household chores.  It's a terrific way to build up those shoulder muscles!  If only it worked for shaping the buttocks...

Also, sanding the floor is a good way to go nuts hearing voices in your head.  I mean, with the ear-splitting racket the sander makes you defintely need a good set of earplugs.  Only problem is, with earplugs in my ears, I have nothing to listen to but the thoughts inside my own head.  And I keep hearing Mr. Miyagi telling Daniel-san "Show me Sand-A Floor!" 

And also, sanding the's a terrific way to give yourself one heck of a headache! 

I started out using the Hubby's little mouse sander.  Yeah, not the best idea, I know.  While the mouse is wonderful for tackling table tops and small jobs such as that, it's not so good for large areas.  On the other hand...

The heavy duty "Black & Decker Strip the Stuff Right Down to the Subflooring in One Swipe" deal that belongs to my step-dad?  Let's just say that after two hours with that thing my floor is nicely sanded.  My hands, arms, shoulders, neck and head are still vibrating 45 minutes later.  That is one fierce, noisy power tool!  But it worked wonders on the floor...the old finish is gone and the scratches are history!  Now I just have to get rid of all the dust, and I'll be ready to start my next karate lesson...

Stain on, stain off. 

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