Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I get hate mail...

Who would have guessed that the post I wrote a while back on Billy the Exterminator would become the "Post Drawing the Most Traffic" on this old blog?

I'm pretty sure I've written about other television shows before.  Toddlers and Tiaras, Little Miss Perfect, Criminal Minds and CSI and other such riveting and mind-boggling drama. 

I'm pretty sure I've griped about, laughed at or picked on other things, people, places, animals, food, friends, neighbors, family, furniture, vehicles AND myself before, too.

But nothing...nothing I have posted has driven up the stat counter or brought the termites out of the woodwork like good old Billy the Exterminator. 

Billy fans are fierce, man.  They're devoted.  They're fanatic.  Some of them are funny and kind of cool. 

Some of them are freaks!

And uh...some of 'em ain't all that bright, neither.  Not firing on all cylinders, if you know what I mean.

At least the one or two who keep sending me the ugly comments appear to be lacking somewhat in the brain cell department...purely based on the redneck-ness of their remarks.  (Redneck-ness...you like that word??) 

So what are Billy's fans so upset about?  Well, maybe they don't understand sarcasm. Or they don't understand that some folks have opinions that aren't identical to theirsOr maybe they don't like me picking on Billy's designer hairdo.  Or his dumb paper hat.  Or perhaps they're offended that I laughed about Billy's rabid raccoon trapping, or his mama holding auditions to find his brother Ricky a new girlfriend.  Who knows? 

But uh...seriously?  People, it's a TV SHOW.  Billy's making money entertaining you.  And not everyone on the planet tunes in.  That's why there are so many buttons on that there tv switcher!  Because God invented cable and satellite and millions of channels.  So's we kin all watch sump'n else iffen we won't to!  You don't have to like Dr. Spencer Reed, and I don't have to like Glen Beck and we can ALL have that moving picture box in our houses anyway.  How cool is that?

If it's upsetting you that much that I picked on Billy, click on the red "x" and get out of here, ok?  Go ahead and read another blog.  It's alright.  I promise you that I won't mind at all if you go somewhere else.  You won't even be missed. 

I'm betting that Billy himself could take a little teasing.  After all, a man who goes out in public looking like that has got to be used to a little ribbing.  And hysterical laughter.  And pointing.  Just sayin'. 

Now go on...get outta here.  Don't make me get the can of Raid. 

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