Sunday, August 1, 2010

"How We Spent Our Summer Vacation"

If you've stopped by The Source this summer, you may have noticed that we haven't been hanging around the blog-o-sphere all that much.  Sorry about that.  I know you're missing your daily dose of humor and randomness.  It's just that well, we've been a little busy doing...stuff. 

"What kind of stuff?" you might ask. 

Go ahead...ask. 

"What kind of stuff have you people been doing to make you so busy that you haven't had time to blog but half a dozen times this whole entire summer??"


There was the World Changers Trip to Birmingham...

And there was imitating the cover of a Beatles album cover...
(Also known as a good excuse for playing in traffic. Smart.)

And Darling Daughter's most amazing (and covert) mission to the headquarters of one of the best All Star Cheer Gyms ever...ACE of Alabama!  Covert because she wasn't supposed to be there! 
(Don't read this Aaron...and Jamie DON'T tell on her!)

Also in Birmingham...practicing cheer technique in the hallways...she's still got it!
(And ouch!  I wouldn't want to land a jump on that hard floor in bare feet!)

Then there was the 17th birthday Pool Party!

This summer, we've enjoyed all sorts of culinary delights. 

For example, we dined on Smiley Face Pizza. 
(Artistic design by the Oldest.)

We definitely chowed down at Five Guys a few too many times in several different cities including Augusta, Columbia, Hilton Head and Charleston. 
(Five Guys people...invent a LOW FAT menu, already!)

Chelsea, I swear...this is a totally organic, fat free, all natural, amino acid enhanced, protein powered big old hunk of cheesecake from Wisconsin!!  And I did NOT eat any of it. 
(Mostly because my mean old husband ate it in Wisconsin and all I got was the picture on facebook.)

We hit the beach...twice...for some fun in the sun!

My babies will be thirteen in two weeks.  UGH!

We worked on our tans...some of us had better results that others.

I won the tan contest again. 
(Well, I guess you could say I cheated since I used a 25 x tanning accelerator, but it was real sun!  On my real legs!  And it wasn't a spray tan or a fake & bake.  It counts!  It totally does.)

We hung out at the technology fair and played with robots...

Went to the fire museum where we drove fire engine simulators and saw lots of hats!
Woo hoo for hats!

Oh...and there was pole dancing.  Never mind.  Just...never mind. 
I'm quite sure I don't want to know what goes on at the fire station after hours.

We hung out with friends...

And we hung out with family.  (Beside cannons from civil war ships in 105 degree heat!)

Some of us hung out with pretty young ladies.

And some of us went fishing with pretty young ladies.
(Pretty young ladies with arms growing out of their ears.)

And some of us just HAD to be the center of usual! 
(Darling Daughter leading songs at VBS.)

And SOME of us got tickets to Tim McGraw for our 17th birthday from our truly fabulous friends!
(And have big brothers sweet enough to spend hard earned cash to take all of us to Charlotte and drive us home at 2am.  Those two older kids of mine...they look absolutely nothing alike, do they??)

He wasn't complaining TOO much about escorting three lovely blonds.

Some of us (OK, just ONE of us) impersonated Billy the Exterminator's Carolina Cousin.
(Sheesh, I did not...did NOT raise this boy to walk around in public like that. Honestly.  I dressed the child in seersucker and bow ties when he was tiny!)

And one of us escaped the sweltering South Carolina heat indexes of 110...and the afternoon gully-washers and frog-chokers (those are bad storms) by flying off to a creepy hotel in Wisconsin on the banks of Lake Superior where apparently it rarely reaches 80 degrees in the daytime. 
(Don't you agree that this hotel is a little bit, the one Jack Nicholson went nuts in??)

So that's it.  That was pretty much our summer. 

Except for the part where Lucy the Demon Dog decided she needs to take a daily dip in the swimming pool and now she flings herself into the water for a refreshing swim every time Darling Daughter and I are in there floating around.  The bad part?  She can't get back out again once she's jumped in.  She has to keep swimming in circles.  Now we have to devise a way to keep her doggy butt OUT or she'll drown.  Got any bright ideas on keeping Chiweenies away from swimming holes?

School starts in one week for the twins, two weeks for Darling Daughter, and three weeks for the Oldest.  Upcoming events include a thirteenth birthday, a first day (or evening) at college, the beginning of Senior Year, a possible trip to Germany, and a twentieth wedding anniversary.  Things are certain to be picking up around here now that our lazy days of summer are coming to a close. 

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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Tammy said...

Goodness! Y'all have been seriously busy, but looks like have a great time!