Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ever have one of those dreams that really freaks you out?  The kind where you wake up, but the dream seemed so real it just doesn't quite go away?  If it was a scary dream, you still feel terrorized.  If it was a sad dream, maybe you wake up with tears on your face.  Or maybe it was one of those dreams where you FELT something and once you wake up (abruptly) from the dream you can still feel it?? 

I had one of those dreams the other night. 

And it's still freaking me out. 

Because the dream involved a pink bird!

Not a flamingo.

A small pink bird. 

It was kind of cute and parakeet-ish and in my dream I wanted to hold the little bird.  I stuck out my finger and it stood on my hand and looked around for a minute.

And then...

Then the little pink bird...

The little pink bird STUCK itself to my hand! 

It rolled over onto its back and sort of...

glued itself to my hand! 

I couldn't get it off of my hand!  And it HURT!! 

OK, then I woke up.  Thank goodness!  But my hand still hurt.  So actually, my hand had probably just fallen asleep because I was laying on it wrong or something.  But the dream was so real! 

Except, whoever heard of a tiny pink parakeet bird?? 

And then...this morning...about 5:00 AM...a fluttering, scratching and chirping at the window RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BEDROOM!


I jumped out of the bed and ran into the bathroom where the Hubby was taking a shower! 

Incidentally, he thinks I'm off my rocker, here. 

But I found the bird.  It really exists!

Proof of the pink bird is right HERE!

Just like in my dream! 

So really IS coming after me! 

Somebody analyze this dream, quick.  Before my family calls the Funny Farm!   



a Tonggu Momma said...

Umm... you want your husband to take you on a trip to Tasmania? Cuz that is where that bird is from? :)

mendyc said...

I hope this isn't hereditary!